Best skylines in America


1.New York City, New York 9 over 1000 feet and 11 under construction

New York has 4 downtowns. Midtown, Lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, Downtown, Queens

Tallest building height 1,792

Average height of 5 tallest buildings – 1392

Tallest new building 1,550 foot Central Park Tower


Total skyscrapers – 242

The New Jersey Turnpike is seen in Elizabeth, N.J., with Newark Bay and Manhattan in the background, in this Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011 photograph. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Midtown (Downtown) Manhattan

Lower Manhattan



Suburban skyline

Newark, New Jersey

Jersey, New Jersey

White Plains, New York

Paterson, New Jersey

Elizabeth, New Jersey

SI Exif

Stamford, Connecticut

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport Connecticut

New York Real Estate Market trend to 2020

Slower-than-average income growth in New York is expected to contribute to sluggish gains in the city’s home prices, according to Moody’s Analytics.

3.9% growth with big dip to 1% in 2017

2. Chicago, Illinois  5 buildings over 1000 feet

Average height of 5 tallest buildings 1,221

Tallest building height – 1,454

Total skyscrapers-116

Chicago skyline



Tallest new Building – Wanda Vista Tower 1,186

One Chicago Square East Tower 1,088


Proposed 2,000 ft Gateway Tower would be 3rd tallest building in the World


Chicago’s population actually declined last year, so housing demand is weaker (and price growth forecasts are softer) than in many other metro areas, notes Sarah Crane, a regional analyst at Moody’s Analytics.

5% with big dip to 1.5% in 2017

Suburban skyline

Des Plaines- Rosemont, Illinois

Oakbrook Terrace

Oakbrook Chicago

Gary, Indiana


3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia 1 new Supertall

Average height of 5 tallest builings 936 feet

Tallest building height 1,200 feet

Tallest New building – The Comcast Technology and Innovation Center 1,121 feet 2018

4. Los Angeles, California 2

1 New Supertall

Average height of 5 tallest buildings 894

Tallest building Height 1,100

Los Angeles has 2 downtowns

Number of skyscrapers – 25



Tallest new building – Wilshire Grand Center 1,100


Century City


Suburban skyline

Long Beach, California

Santa Ana, California



Riverside, California


Irvine, California

Glendale, California


4.1% Percent Growth

After a construction decline, demand is still outpacing supply in Los Angeles, pushing prices upward for the next few years, Moody’s Analytics finds.

5. Atlanta, Georgia 1

Atlanta has three downtowns and the tallest building outside New York and Chicago

Tallest building is 1,023 feet

Average height of 5 tallest buildings – 841

Number of skyscrapers – 16


Tallest new skyscraper- 98 14th Street 920 feet





Suburban skylines – Sandy Springs


4.8% Growth dip to 1.4 in 2017

Job growth and the emergence of new households are expected to give Atlanta’s housing market a steady boost over the next few years.

6. Houston, Texas 1

Houston has 3 downtowns and the tallest out of downtown skyscraper

Average  height of 5 tallest buildings – 887 feet

Height of tallest buildings – 1002 feet

Amount of skyscrapers – 34




Tallest new building – One Market Square






Texas Medical City

Energy Corridor

Houston Energy-Corridor-District-traffic-highway_104208




The Woodlands




0.9% Growth with a strong dip in 2017

Blame plunging oil prices for Houston’s soft 2016 forecast, the weakest among the top 20 cities. The local economy is closely tied to the energy industry, so when crude is weak, so are home values.


7. Miami, Florida

Tallest building-868 ft Panorama Tower

Number of Skyscrapers  -31

Tallest New Building- 706 feet


Nearby city or suburban skyline

Miami Beach


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Kendall, Florida

West Palm Beach, Florida

An overheated market and shrinking buyer pool are projected to push the South Florida housing market into the red in the next few years, Moody’s Analytics says. As Miami’s foreclosed homes finally come back onto the market, they may further soften prices.

Less than .1% Growth in 2017 will only come to 1%

8. Dallas, Texas

Tallest building-

Number of skyscrapers – 21


New Tallest Tower – 2101 North Pearl Tower 400 feet



Dallas Uptown


Suburban skylines

Fort Worth





Addison Texas

Arlington, Texas

Dallas Real Estate Market Forecast

Dallas is less reliant on oil prices than other Texas cities, and has been booming recently because of an influx of jobs in financial services and other industries. But urban sprawl will likely keep a lid on home price growth over the next few years, Moody’s Analytics suggests.

Growth of 3.5% to A  dip to 1% in 2017 will come back to 3% in 2020


9.San Francisco, California 1 under construction

Number of skyscrapers – 21

san-francisco-738416_1280 Top 11 US Cities With Most Skyscrapers in 2015

New Tallest building – Salesforce Tower 1,070 feet

Oakland, California

The Bay Area’s surging home prices come from a spike in demand from workers in the tech industry, coupled with zoning resitrctions that limit housing supply, Moody’s Analytics finds.

7% to a dip of 3% in 2017

10. Seattle

Number of Skyscrapers-16

Most Racist Cities in America Ranked by Hate Crimes Top 11 US Cities With Most Skyscrapers in 2015

Suburban skylines

Bellevue, Washington

Tacoma, Washington


8.3% Growth to 5% Growth in 2017

With home values almost back to pre-crash peaks, expect a continued rebound in 2016 driven by rising incomes, new households, and job growth in a range of industries.

11. Charlotte, North Carolina


12. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Other skylines

Saint Paul

13. Cleveland, Ohio

cleveland skyline oct 23 2015 copyright chrisazimmer allthingsclevelandfohio 1125N x750

14. Denver, Colorado


15. Boston, Massachussetts

Tallest new building 742 ft One Dalton street


16. Austin, Texas

New Tallest Tower – The Independant 690 feet


17. Las Vegas,Nevada

Las Vegas at Dusk

18. Tampa, Florida


19. San Diego, California



19. Detroit, Michigan

Suburban skyline

Southfield, Michigan

Troy, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

20. Saint Louis, Missouri

Suburban skyline

Clayton, Missouri

21. Indianapolis, Indiana

22. Columbus, Ohio

23. Pittsburgh

24. Jacksonville,Florida


25. Kansas City, Missouri

Overland Park, Kansas

26. Cincinnati, Ohio

27. Nashville, Tennessee

28. Oklahoma City


29. New Orleans


30. Washington, D.C area

Arlington, Virginia

Bethesda, Maryland

Silver Springs, Maryland

Reston, Virginia

Tyson’s Corner



30. Phoenix

Tempe, Arizona


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