Kenya’s Former PM Says African Continent Harmed By Morocco and Algeria’s Preference for Trade with Europe

Raila Odinga spoke on the relationship between Morocco and Algeria at the 2015 Crans Montana Forum on Africa and South-South Cooperation, held in the Moroccan southern city of Dakhla, located in the so-called Western Sahara. Odinga said that as a result of the lack of economic cooperation between Morocco and Algeria, the two countries regard […]

9 Ways Africa Would Be Better Without Foreign “Aid”

Giving alms to Africa remains one of the biggest ideas of our time — millions march for it, governments are judged by it, celebrities proselytize the need for it. According to writer Dambisa Moyo, a former economist at Goldman Sachs and the author of “Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is […]

What Are You Really Saying When You Claim You Want to ‘Help’ Africa?

This Business Called Africa… … Can be so exasperating! Often, I receive solicitations: “Professor, I have applied to volunteer in Africa next semester or next year. I took some of your courses in the past and I really enjoyed them. They were an eye-opener. Studying the literatures and cultures of Africa with you has motivated […]