Fees And Other Extras As a general rule, just tell your salesperson that you will not pay any fees. Dealers will try and sneak in things like a documentation fee. It’s unnecessary. Either the dealer gets rid of the fees or you will buy your vehicle from someone else who will get rid of them. […]

Online Websites to make money Writing for

Cracked Comedy website Cracked pays writers $100 to write guest posts about pop culture, weird news and other topics. If you’ve ever wanted to write about, say, the biggest plot holes in Scooby-Doo, now’s your chance. You need to read its guidelines and join its Writers Forum before you can start pitching. Listverse If you […]

Obama’s legacy (To be Continued)

Obama the Political Heavyweight Barack Obama controlled only the White House and yet he outsmarted an entire Republican majority Congress, Senate, 33 legislatures, and 32 governorships using their own obstruction and gridlock against them. That same majority exists today, only now it has control of the White House as well giving it absolute power in […]

20 Most influential African Leaders of All Time

Paul Kagame Achievements Ended the Rwandan genocide Ended Rwanda’s dependence on foreign aid from 83% to 17% Turned Kigali to the cleanest city on earth Created most gender equal government Improved Education Eliminated Corruption Turned Rwanda into a cell phone producing country Made Rwanda the safest country in Africaa Gave Rwanda the second best Roads […]

Countries with the most wealth

Real assets, mainly housing, were found to make up 60 per cent of household wealth Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2792618/how-australia-richest-country-world-fifth-year-row.html#ixzz4VIJnizJD Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Switzerland   $500,000 2. Australia  200,000 3. Norway  150,000 4. Luxembourg  150,000 5. United States  $100,000 6. Sweden   90,000 7.France    90,000 8. Singapore  90,000 9. Belgium […]

Best things to when buying a car

Vehicle History Report A vehicle history report can you help you reveal title problems, ownership history, service points and previous accidents, large or small. These reports can be available from dealers or ordered online. CARFAX offers one of the most comprehensive car reports available to purchase, which is pulled from a database of more than […]

Things people need to understand about money and the laws of money

Understand   Money is not a means to happiness, money is a means to not having to deal with B.S Apart from loved ones, people are not going to give you money because they feel sorry for you, they are going to give you money because they need you or because they like what you […]