Game Changers:In historic fashion parade, rapper Emicida releases his clothing line at São Paulo Fashion Week with cast featuring 90% black models

In an historical parade, Emicida puts black and overweight models on as protagonists in SPFW with his clothing line It took a rapper invading the catwalk to show the obvious: a parade with mostly black models is as or more beautiful than a parade of Scandinavian whites. There is no possible argument after watching the […]

Back to Africa, Amaros versus Americos a tale of two stories

Amaros – Positive asssimilation   The Amaros, who were sometimes called Nago in Brazil (Nago, indicates Yoruba ethnicity) were liberated slaves from Brazil and Cuba. Returnees from Brazil and Cuba and their current-day descendants were and are more commonly called “Agudas”. They went to the New World as slaves from different sub-ethnic and ethnic backgrounds […]

Best Places for Black people to Learn Portuguese/Os Melhores Lugares para aprender portugues

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2. Luanda, Angola 3. Lisbon, Portugal 4. Salvador, Brazil 5. Sao Paulo, Brazil 6. Maputo, Mozambique 7. Praia, Cape Verde 8. Curitiba 9. Brasillia 10. Balneauriu Camboiriu Richest Portuguese speaking cities Brasillia $35,000 2. Lisbon $19,000 50% of people who speak Portuguese are Black Best Black Majority Portuguese Speaking Societies […]

Driving around Africa : Luanda and Benguela, Angola

Luanda is the capital and largest city of Angola. It has a city population of 2,825,311 and a metropolitan population of 6,542,942 . It is the world’s third most populous Portuguese-speaking city, behind only São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, both in Brazil, and the most populous Portuguese-speaking capital city in the world, ahead of Brasília, […]

Driving around Africa: Maputo, Mozambique

Maputo is the capital and largest city of Mozambique. It is known as the City of Acacias, in reference to acacia trees commonly found along its avenues, and the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Today, it is a port city on the Indian Ocean, with its economy centered on the harbour. According to the 2007 […]