Black Dispriviledge

Many people always talk about White Privilege, but very few people even talk about Black Dispriviledge. Black disprivilege. Why being Black sucks. Unpacking the invisible empty crap sack This is based off what some Black writer wrote. What I hate about being Black 50 reasons Why I hate being Black 1. Razor bumps 2. Have […]

The European Immigration crisis- Human stupidity at its worst

Homegrown Afroxenophilia vs International Afroxenophobia focus exposing the antiblack racism of certain nationalies Why would they travel somewhere without any means of protecting themselves 1. Where are immigrants coming from 2. Could use money and energy to fix their own countries People pay smugglers 3200 per person 3. Media glorification and demonization 3. Need […]

African food is the next big thing, says chef at Ghana Kitchen pop-up

Food movement: Zoe Adjonyoh at her pop-up in Clapham ROD KITSON Published: 22 April 2015 Updated: 07:36, 22 April 2015 The chef behind a Ghanaian pop-up restaurant believes London is seeing the beginning of an explosion in  African food. Zoe Adjonyoh, whose Ghana Kitchen is in Clapham until the end of next month, hopes to make the […]

11 Things Ghana has going for it

  Food Ghanaian style butter bread Ghana chocolate   2. Fashion Over the past few years have witnessed an immerse rise in fashion.The revolution of Ghanaian has been described as a fast rising one.Culture as a whole has made it possible in the identification of individuals from various sectors within the world.   3. Media […]