Trade Not Aid – 10 Reasons Africa doesnt need your money

1. Expand tax base
2. Highest percentage of young people
3. Natural resources
4. Continent with the most arable land
5. Educated but unemployed
6. Burgeoning entertainment industry7. Fashion industry
8. They dont try to manufacture anythjing
9. Tourism industry
10. Fewer Civil wars

First complaint – Our government

1. Africans dont care about Africa and dont value what they have.
2. Culture of mediocrity

3. Culture of disregard for punctuality and efficiency


1. Cowardice
2. Excuses
3. The West is controlling Africa and if they fight back. They all will be killed
4. Africans are not united, so Africans need to wait till the magical day when all Africans become friends

1. Since the cold war most Western governments dont care about Africa
2. Why would they want kill Africans when they are the ones mining the gold, diamonds , and other natural resources
3. Theyll put sanctions on us or will invest in other countries

The goal is not necessarily to kick Westerners out, but renogiate a more meaningful relationship

Countries that have fought or stood up against Powerful countries
1. Vietnam
2. Afghanistan
3. Ethiopia
4. Somalia
5. Cuba

Stood up

Politicians have only two concerns

Reelection and Revenue

1. We have a timeline. If you dont get this goal by such and such time you are out of here


10 Highest grossing Music genres in the World

1. Hip hop 12 billion

Birthplace – Bronx, New York


2. Pop 10 billion

3. Rock 10 billion

Birthplace- Disputed Cleveland

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4. Country music 5 billion

Birthplace- Bristol, Tennessee

5. Kpop billion $5 billion

Birthplace- Seoul, South Korea


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6. Latin Music $4 billion

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7. R and B 2 billion

Birthplace-Detroit, Michigan

8. Edm 1billion

Birthplace – Chicago and Detroit

9. Classical 1 billion

Image result for Classical Music
10. Jazz 500 million

Birthplace-New Orleans

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11. African Music Industry (Afrobeats) $300 million

Should be $8 billion

Richest-P Square, Black Coffee, Don Jazzy

Birthplace- Accra, Lagos, Johannesburg, Cape Town

The meaning of Black Panther

The meaning of black panther black Panther is one of the most he said the Black Panthers one of the most significant events in black history car with the election of Barack Obama barack Obama presidency Charles the myth that America would never elected black president their menu Miss surrounded black movies and the leaks conversation between Sony Executives they talked about blacks the mess around black movies reception of black movies was that black movies generally don’t do well or black American movies don’t do well on a worldwide screen according to you know some of the league documents between such and such person said that America tolerant of black people considered compared to the worldwide worldwide that many people blah blah blah also film was also very important in how it portrayed African culture but just black people in general black people were seeing as we’re portrayed as intelligent not just simply wealthy I’m in the world has seen wealthy black people one thing that made this movie different is that okay we’ve seen intelligent black people we see wealthy black people but oh they are exceptions or maybe they’re light-skinned or maybe they’re mulattos however this movie was exception on how it portrayed pure black people in as you know what you’re capable of being intelligent beautiful Brave and smart and that shattered or another methods well that uh oh white people see or five people are even number locks in general to see black people in any other position except as buffoons and idiots in order to feed their ego however what can we learn from this movie what we can learn is that excellence according to somebody’s you will always be seen as a neighbor now that’s dumb in general because first of all what is the Niger if I’m a Niger who are that what makes them so great as well the two Miss surround black panther is black movies on sale and number two people want want to see blacks as idiots in buffoons I want to see anything else that is not into that may be true in some respects but that is not entirely true in general excellence weather you are jealous you need to shine and be the best that you can be what one beautiful thing about Black Panther is that the beauty of which it showcased African culture I remember the typical child growing up in school of course I don’t know I don’t know I wasn’t taught many things in African culture and most of things I learned I had to learn on my own I remember you know the joy I felt y.ou kno..w I remember feeling bad about you know racist thing that Africans have no written language and the joy felt when I learned about the incident Barry script that was featured in the video that oh yes maybe we are and all these other things that were featured member scene member being embarrassed of having to work African clothes in school now just seeing the beauty of African dress beauty of African music then to latch that we’ve known so far in America the most educated group of people are African immigrants unbeknownst anyone you thought a lot of people because they see the big disconnect pic of Africa is this place that even though it was built fictional African country a very strong and deep so what is the moral that we can get from the movie of black panther excellence is excellence they will they will they like the world likes it or not the world has no choice the world likes to watch Excellence just like we like to watch Excellence because Excellence is a beautiful thing the world sees your excellence may not like it have to respect it