30 Tallest buildings in Africa already built, under construction,or proposed

North Africa 1. Cairo Tower tallest building in the world. 3,300 2. Al Noor Tower, Casablanca, Morocco 1,770 3. Iconic Tower Cairo, Egypt 1,280 ft Centurion Symbio City Tower (447 meters) 110 Floors Approved 1,470 feet  Pretoria, South Africa 2. Lagos elevation Tower 1240 feet Proposed Lagos Nigeria   2. Durban Iconic Tower – 88F (370m,) […]

Ghana Has Become a Hub for Budding Architects

    It used to be that Ghanaians who wanted to study architecture picked a school in Europe or the United States. Returning, they’d bring foreign techniques, import foreign materials, and create foreign buildings, mainly in the Bauhaus style that dominated thrifty post-war Europe. “Functional, buildable and economical,” is how Akosua Obeng, a Ghanaian architect […]

Tallest Buildings in the Year 2020

Jeddah Tower – Jeddah Tower is currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, scheduled to be completed in 2019. It will be the first building to exceed 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) with a planned height of 1,007 metres (3,304 ft). Once completed it will become the tallest building and tallest freestanding structure in the world. Cost $1.23 billion […]

Best Chinese Construction Projects in Africa & Portraits of China Africa

The Ming Dynasty voyages of Chineseadmiral Zheng He and his fleet, which rounded the coast of Somalia and followed the coast down to the Mozambique Channel. The goal of those expeditions was to spreadChinese culture and signal Chinese strength. Zheng brought gifts and granted titles from the Ming emperor to the local rulers, with the aim of establishing a large number oftributary states.[3] In October […]

Best skylines in America

  1.New York City, New York 11 over 1000 feet and 9 under construction New York has 4 downtowns. Midtown, Lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, Downtown, Queens 11 skylines in the area Tallest building height 1,792 Average height of 5 tallest buildings – 1392 Tallest new building 1,550 foot Central Park Tower Total skyscrapers – 257 […]

10 Fastest Changing Skylines in Africa

  Skyscrapers exude power, wealth and modernity, here are the fastest changing skylines in Africa. Luanda, Angola Major Projects under construction Baia de Luanda $7 billion IMOB Business tower- 145m- Angola 475 feet Nova Sonangol Tower 42 stories 500 feet Torre Vitoria         CIF Tower Torres Kianda Hotel Bahia Luanda Edifício Dyeji […]