30 Tallest buildings in Africa already built, under construction,or proposed

North Africa 1. Cairo Tower tallest building in the world. 3,300 2. Al Noor Tower, Casablanca, Morocco 1,770 3. Iconic Tower Cairo, Egypt 1,280 ft Centurion Symbio City Tower (447 meters) 110 Floors Approved 1,470 feet  Pretoria, South Africa 2. Lagos elevation Tower 1240 feet Proposed Lagos Nigeria   2. Durban Iconic Tower – 88F (370m,) […]

Game Changers: Black Americans go digital to back black-owned stores

PHOENIX — The African-American Barbie dolls were lined up in a neat row, each still in its hot-pink box, never ripped open by a little one’s hands. The dolls stood there, arms at their sides, all dressed up in tiny, crisp outfits. They seemed to be waiting there at Mitchell’s, a beauty supply store in Phoenix […]

Best Countries for (educated)Black Americans to relocate to

Americas Canada Latin America Panama Dominican Republic (If you are light skinned) Costa Rica Your stateside relatives can visit often (which may or may not be a good thing) if you adopt this Central American nation—just a three-hour plane ride from Florida—as your new home. With its perfect tropical weather, universal health care and consistently […]

The Most Unequal Countries in the World

South Africa  (Racially Motivated – Yes)  White Elite and Blacks are the Lower Class 2. Namibia  (Racially Motivated : Yes)  White Elite and Black Lower Class 3. Botswana  (Racially Motivated : No) 4. Zambia 5. Honduras  (Racially Motivated : Yes and No) 6. Central African Republic 7. Lesotho (Racially Motivated : Sort of) 8. Colombia […]

Unequal relationships that Africa has with different nationalities

1.Indian immigrants in Africa vs Africans in India 2. Portuguese Immigrants in Africa vs African Immigrants in Portugal -Discrimination -Police Brutality and Harassment 3. Lebanese in Africa vs Africans in Lebanon 4. Chinese immigrants in Africa versus Africans in China. -Empty seat phenomenon – Job and housing Discrimination –