5 Reasons why the African Union is a joke, and not a funny one

No Standards Unlike EU countries that had to meet certain political and economic benchmarks for membership, any rogue or deadbeat African country has always been allowed to join the AU. In fact, 18 countries should have been disqualified for not paying membership dues to the OAU, but Qaddafi paid off their debts so they could […]

The Countries most dependent on Africa

France Political motives for colonization differed from the search for markets, investments, raw materials and cheap workforce to the drive for victory and strategic advantage. There were also religious and cultural motives such as the desire to spread Catholicism, French culture and ‘educate’ indigenous people. Natural Resources  – France Gets most of its Uranium from […]

Largest African Immigrant groups in France

Paris is the capital largest city in France with 12.5 million people. There are 2.1 million Blacks in the Paris area. There are more African immigrants in Paris than any other city. Here are the largest groups   1. Malians (born) 120,000 Montreuil is home to the most Malians outside of Mali 2. Ivorian 100,000 […]

African countries hate people taking pictures

Mauritania As with most of the eastern Africa countries, taking photos of National buildings or Mosque are seen as disrespectful. You can be harassed by police and even by citizens when taking pictures of these building and of children. Also most people of Mauritania do not like their picture being taken. Even if you are […]

8 things What sucks about African mindset

The African mindset is the worst mindset in the world 1. Dont value what they have,dont appreciate what others do for them Why do we treat our fellow Africans from the diaspora worse than the white man or woman? The funny thing is that they associate everything that is white with wealth, although the black […]