The most united people on earth

Japanese In Japanese culture there is a concept referred to as Wa- It implies a peaceful unity and conformity within a social group in which members prefer the continuation of a harmonious community over their personal interests. Wa is considered integral to Japanese society and derives from traditional Japanese family values.[4] Individuals who break the ideal of wa to […]

Secession movements around the World

North America United States – The South wanted to break away and be its own country to practice slavery Canada – Quebec wanted to be its own country. The central cultural argument of the sovereignists is that only sovereignty can adequately ensure the survival of the French language in North America, allowing Quebecers to establish their nationality, preserve […]

People Wode Maya should interview

Hamamat- Owner of Hamamat SpaKevin Okyere – Ceo of Springfield GroupSkinGourmet- Violet Amoabeng who makes skincare products you can eat.Jeffrey Kwabena Yeboah- Makes beautiful furniture out of car tiresVannessa Limann- 20 year old who has her own cereal producing factoriesGwen Gyimah- Starter of Hair Rack, and the Ghana International hair showSelassie Atadika- Midunu chocolates- Selassie […]