Famous Afro-Hispanics

  Vicente Guerrero (Mexico)- Líder general revolucionaria de la Guerra de Independencia de México que más tarde se desempeñó como Presidente de México Juan Gomez (Cuba) – líder revolucionario afrocubana en la Guerra de Independencia de Cuba contra España Juan Jose Nieto Gil – was the first Afro-Colombian to rise to politics in the history of Colombia becoming […]

Best places to learn Spanish/Los Mejores Lugares Para Aprender Espanol

Miami, Florida 2. Rio Grande Valley 3. Panama 4. Argentina 5. Chile 6. Uruguay 7. Costa Rica 8. Cartagena, Colombia   Richest Spanish speaking places Monterry, Mexico  $32,000 San Pedro Garza Garcia 2. San Juan, Puerto Rico  $28,000 3. Spain  $26,000 4. Uruguay $17,380 (Richest fully independant Latin American Country) (Montevideo average salary is $24,000 […]

All to ourselves: Least Diverse Cities in America according to race

Most Black Cities East Orange, New Jersey 90% 2. Detroit, Michigan 85% (Metro area 23% Black)   3. Miami Gardens, Florida 80% 4. Jackson, Mississippi 80%   Metro 46% Black 5. Birmingham, Alabama 74% 6.  Baltimore, Maryland 65% 7. Memphis, Tennessee 64%  (Metro 48% Black) 8. New Orleans, Louisiana 62% (Metro area 33% Black) 9. […]

U.S States with most illegal immigrants

There are around 12 million illegal immigrants   Illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year. Illegal Immigrants $11.8 billion in state and local taxes in 2012 Donald Trump wants to build a border wall like the one in Israel.   California #1 Estimate of Undocumented Population:3,234,000 California has the largest population […]

Hispanic is not a race it is a language and culture

One of the most common Misconception, especially in the United States is that Hispanic is a race rather than a culture or Linguistic group More than 400 million speak Spanish Worldwide   Now the Majority of Hispanics are Mestizo 40%   Majority Mestizo – Total 180 million A Mestizo is someone one who Half Native […]