Famous Afro-Hispanics

  Vicente Guerrero (Mexico)- Líder general revolucionaria de la Guerra de Independencia de México que más tarde se desempeñó como Presidente de México Juan Gomez (Cuba) – líder revolucionario afrocubana en la Guerra de Independencia de Cuba contra España Juan Jose Nieto Gil – was the first Afro-Colombian to rise to politics in the history of Colombia becoming […]

Best places to learn Spanish/Los Mejores Lugares Para Aprender Espanol

Miami, Florida 2. Rio Grande Valley 3. Panama 4. Argentina 5. Chile 6. Uruguay 7. Costa Rica Richest Spanish speaking places Monterry, Mexico  $32,000 San Pedro Garza Garcia 2. San Juan, Puerto Rico  $28,000 3. Spain  $26,000 4. Uruguay $17,380 (Richest fully independant Latin American Country) (Montevideo average salary is $24,000 6. Panama $16,313 20% […]

All to ourselves: Least Diverse Cities in America according to race

Most Black Cities East Orange, New Jersey 90% 2. Detroit, Michigan 85% (Metro area 23% Black)   3. Miami Gardens, Florida 80% 4. Jackson, Mississippi 80%   Metro 46% Black 5. Birmingham, Alabama 74% 6.  Baltimore, Maryland 65% 7. Memphis, Tennessee 64%  (Metro 48% Black) 8. New Orleans, Louisiana 62% (Metro area 33% Black) 9. […]

U.S States with most illegal immigrants

There are around 12 million illegal immigrants   Illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year. Illegal Immigrants $11.8 billion in state and local taxes in 2012 Donald Trump wants to build a border wall like the one in Israel.   California #1 Estimate of Undocumented Population:3,234,000 California has the largest population […]

Hispanic is not a race it is a language and culture

One of the most common Misconception, especially in the United States is that Hispanic is a race rather than a culture or Linguistic group More than 400 million speak Spanish Worldwide   Now the Majority of Hispanics are Mestizo 40%   Majority Mestizo – Total 180 million A Mestizo is someone one who Half Native […]