Worlds Most Lucrative Markets Legitimate and Non legitimate

One of the major tricks of life is how to get money 1. Oil 2.5 trillion Image: azrainmain/Flickr The oil market, like its product, is vast, slippery and opaque. Nobody’s even sure what the market size is. According toone estimate, it’s worth a whopping $2.5 trillion. Underhanded deals and collusion play no small part in this (read this […]

Cities with the Best Salaries in the World

1. Zurich, Switzerland Average Salary 6,950.74/$83,408.88                   (Range 5,203.82 -9,757.16) One bedroom outside downtown   1,615.35/$19,384.20               (Range 1,300.95-2,168.26) 2. Geneva, Switzerland Average Salary  $6,723.87/ $80,686.44           ($5,203.82- $9,215.09) One bedroom outside downtown    $1,523.80/ $18,285.60         ($1,084.13-$1,951.43) 3. […]