Nigerians and the damaging of Black Image abroad

Disgrace image of other Africans Nigerian criminal gangs are also active in countries like Malaysia, South Africa, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, India and Brazil where they engage in criminal activities like drug peddling and human trafficking, sometimes, working with the local mafia or criminal gangs. In Italy for instance, members of the two of the […]

Largest cities that get no respect

1. Jacksonville Overlooked for Miami, Tampa, and Orlando 2. Bogota Looked over for Medellin, Cartagena 3. Virginia Beach Overlooked for Norfolk, Arlington, Richmond 4. Kansas City Looked over for Saint Louis 5. Bridgeport, Connecticut Overlooked for Hartford 6. Columbus Looked over for Cleveland 7. Newark Looked over for Jersey City 8. Rome Looked over for […]

Accra, Africa’s design Capital and so much more

Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana, West Africa, subsaharan Africas fourth largest gdp, and one of Africas safest and fastest growing countries economically Accra is also a major center for design Accra is a Creative Artistic city Ghanaians love to do things with a creative Twist With lots of good food and […]

Oppressed Groups in Africa

1. Gays Out of the 54 states recognised by the United Nations or African Union or both, the International Gay and Lesbian Associationstated in 2015 that homosexuality is outlawed in 34 African countries.[1] Human Rights Watch notes that another two countries, Beninand the Central African Republic, do not outlaw homosexuality, but have certain laws which apply differently to heterosexual and homosexual individuals.[2] In Sudan, southern Somalia, Somaliland, Mauritania and northern Nigeria, homosexuality […]

Why are Africans so hypervigilant about homosexuality but so weak and cowardly over everythimg else?

Societal pressure plays an enormous role in shaping the behaviour of a population, probably more so than the brute force of the law, and whilst all Nigerians complain about the crime and dishonesty so prevalent in their country (it affects them far more than the expats), they remain utterly silent when a perpetrator is identified […]