The European Immigration crisis- Human stupidity at its worst

Homegrown Afroxenophilia vs International Afroxenophobia focus exposing the antiblack racism of certain nationalies Why would they travel somewhere without any means of protecting themselves 1. Where are immigrants coming from 2. Could use money and energy to fix their own countries People pay smugglers 3200 per person 3. Media glorification and demonization 3. Need […]

Things many Africans need to check when they go abroad

1. Hygiene 2. Loudness 3. Punctuality and Time Management 4. Abundance Mentality 5. Ignorance of the Local Culture 6. Don’t Allow Other Africans to embarrass you 7. Students Don’t lose your money in social sciences, psychology, arts or literature studies abroad. I believe that these studies are better done when they are grounded in a local […]

The Worst Developed or Developing to Countries to try and Immigrate to

1. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 2,406,713 immigrants – 19th out of 213 territories, in 2010 168th most developed country in the world, out of 187, in 2013 136th least corrupt country in the world, out of 175, in 2013 Sure, you’re saying “I thought this list was going to be of places people want to […]

Don’t come to China if you are these types of people and why learning Chinese might be a vicious waste of your time

China is a very rough place. and if you don’t take the precautions you can really be swept away. 1) Don’t come if you are not ready to cover your ass – Pickpocketing and cheating are very common.  The Chinese have a saying that fool and his money are easily parted. 笨蛋難聚財 Bèndàn nán jù cái 2) […]

Gambian’s nightmare in China: a testimony on the dangers of visa-brokering cartels Leave a reply While this is not the whole picture about Africans in China, there are dozens of youngsters that get deceived by visa-brokering agents back in Africa and along the route to Asia.