Best Movies about slavery

“I don’t think the true story of slavery will ever be told, there is no way to make a movie that will show you exactly what went on, day to day throughout the time they would capture a slave till the time that slave landed on somebody’s plantation. All of the things that just happened in that small period of time. A period of a few months what they call the middle passage. I don’t think any movie, or any wordbook, or any history lesson, will ever capture the true story, the true brutality, all of the filth, that went on in those exchanges.”

However here are some movies that do the best in depicting it.

  1. Goodbye Uncle Tom                                            Story location- Virginia, Louisiana, Florida

GOODBYE UNCLE TOM is the closest movie to what slavery was really like….and it was banned in several countries including America. It Makes ROOTS Look Like An Episode Of THE JEFFERSONS!”

2. Roots –                                                                                         Location -Virginia

3. Django   – Mississippi


4. Mandingo – Louisiana

5. 12 Years a slave                             Movie location Louisiana

6. Birth of a Nation                                                 Movie Location : Virginia

Movies that need to be Made about slavery

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