5 Cool American cities to live in.

Miami, Florida  430,000   5,564,000   Nice urban districts – Wynwood, Allapatah The median home value in Miami is $290,800. Miami home values have gone up 5.9% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -1.4% within the next year. Nice suburbs -Miami Beach, Miramar, North Miami Gardens,  North Miami Beach,Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Lauderhill, […]

The Fastest gentrifying cities in America

The Land that Black people in America is generally the cheapest     1. Portland, Ore. (53.1 percent of eligible neighborhoods gentrified)   2. Washington, D.C. (51.9 percent) Recent conversations around gentrification in D.C. have taken a familiar turn, with some arguing that it has, in fact, been a good thing for the region’s original residents. NPR […]

Ghana Has Become a Hub for Budding Architects

    It used to be that Ghanaians who wanted to study architecture picked a school in Europe or the United States. Returning, they’d bring foreign techniques, import foreign materials, and create foreign buildings, mainly in the Bauhaus style that dominated thrifty post-war Europe. “Functional, buildable and economical,” is how Akosua Obeng, a Ghanaian architect […]