8 things What sucks about African mindset

The African mindset is the worst mindset in the world 1. Dont value what they have,dont appreciate what others do for them Why do we treat our fellow Africans from the diaspora worse than the white man or woman? The funny thing is that they associate everything that is white with wealth, although the black […]

Countries where Black is equated with poverty

In many parts of the world racism is still alive and well Let us all accept that the Black man is the symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence – PW Botha former apartheid leader of South Africa   Colombia National Poverty rate 34 percent Black poverty rate 80 percent   Ecuador National […]

20 Worst African Leaders

      1.Francisco Nguema was the first President of Equatorial Guinea; he ruled Equatorial Guinea before his nephew in 1979 overthrew him and sentenced to death by Firing squad for genocide and other crimes he committed. He was brutal and apparently deranged, and he is one of the worst dictators in modern African history.Years […]

African docility

1. Bouncers deny Dark skin Luanda allow Portuguese in 2. Kenya, Other Chinese no Africans allowed. Indian dominating economy 3. Tanzania- Tanzanian girl incident 4. Uganda – Missionary beating, Indian dominating economy 5. Ghana Turkish beat Ghanaian businessmen, Ghanaian tied to cage 6. Nigerian Mistreated in India zero retaliation, Pregnant women kicked in Stomach. 7. […]

6 Negative Things that you only see in Black society

1. Equate your hairstyle or way you talk with ethnic pride   2. Allow others to insert themselves into our identities, eventhough they wouldnt allow you to do the same 3. Racialized gender warring   4. Tell people theyre acting White, when they speaking standardized American English. 5. Not seriously punishing people from your own […]