Gold, cocoa and… vegetables? Surprise ingredient of Ghana’s growing economy Updated 1552 GMT (2352 HKT) January 30, 2015

Healthy vegetables, healthy economy 00:57 Story highlights Ghana’s economy has traditionally relied on gold and cocoa In 2007, major oil discoveries raised economic expectations Lately, the government has been pushing for more vegetable production to help boost growth Each week, Africa View explores the trends, figures and initiatives shaping Africa. From education and energy to […]

The Real Zimbabwe Clean Safe Educated but poor

The world’s least livable city on earth’, I read before coming here, ‘The worst city on earth’. There were expat surveys, surveys by The Economist, and at some point surveys that ‘leniently’ depicted Harare as the 4th worst city on earth, not the worst, in 2012. I am used to working in war zones and […]

The Need for Racial disclaimers in Media

Tom and Jerry–jerry-show/15653191 Empire Precious In the Words of Jessie Williams an actor of the Grey’s Anatomy says’ that “If you watch American television and you personally don’t know any Black people you are going to be a racist.” Jesse Williams Gives the Most Passionate, Thought-Provoking 6-Minute Rant on White Supremacy You’ll Ever Hear […]

International Black History Month brings showcase of African achievement to Hong Kong

International Black History Month is being rolled out to celebrate the contributions of the African diaspora, especially Black Americans Charley Last Friday evening Rummin’ Tings, the Caribbean bar and restaurant on Hollywood Road, was close to bursting. People spilled onto the streets, while peals of laughter and shouted greetings competed with the booming music inside. […]

Black American Inventions

Open Heart Surgery, Blood transfusion,which was most important medical advance that saved soldiers’ lives during WWII , refrigerator cooling system,the stop light, Gas mask, the plan for Washington, D.C, Chicago,  folding chair Carbon, Filament for light bulbs, Lewis Latimer (1848 – 1928) What He Invented: The Carbon Filament For The Light Bulb. Why It’s Important: […]

Ancient Egyptian Inventions

door lock and keys, combs, scissors, condom, high heeled shoes, papyrus, pen, library, waterclock, plow, black ink, wigs, makeup, deodorants, toothbrush and toothpaste. Irrigation, plow, sun calender, twisted rope, Oldest writing system, breath mints,bowling, sails, first planned city, Kahun, Amarna first city with sewage system , first mining system, languages Longest written history. Inspired Greeks […]