Game Changers:In historic fashion parade, rapper Emicida releases his clothing line at São Paulo Fashion Week with cast featuring 90% black models

In an historical parade, Emicida puts black and overweight models on as protagonists in SPFW with his clothing line It took a rapper invading the catwalk to show the obvious: a parade with mostly black models is as or more beautiful than a parade of Scandinavian whites. There is no possible argument after watching the […]

Game Changers : Ghana-Based Digital Arts Company Brings African Folklore to Life Through Interactive Comics, Mobile Games

By Tanasia Kenney – <iframe id="2c77404f98" name="2c77404f98" src="//" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="728" height="90"><a href="//" ><img src="//" border="0" alt=""></a></iframe><span id=”mce_marker” data-mce-type=”bookmark” data-mce-fragment=”1″></span>Say goodbye to Clark Kent and hello to a host of badass superheroes known as Africa’s Legends. These aren’t just any superheroes, however. They’re a unique set of characters drawn from the rich African tradition of […]

Game Changers : Noirebnb and Innclusive

Innclusive After widespread complaints about racism and discrimination on Airbnb, two startups have set out to offer alternative services to African-American travelers. Noirebnb and Noirbnb – two separate businesses, despite their similar names – aim to provide a more inclusive home-sharing platform by bringing together black hosts with black people who are travelling. READ MORE: […]

The Magufuli Effect: Tanzania’s New President and His Impact on Regional Affairs

There’s a new sheriff in East Africa, and he goes by the name of John Magufuli. Since entering office in November, he has embarked on a number of initiatives and cost-cutting moves designed to stem corruption and unnecessary spending in Tanzania, a country with tremendous potential but one in which the average income is $79 […]

Nigerian Comics Startup is Creating More African Superheroes

Comic Republic, a Nigerian comics startup based in Lagos, is creating a universe of superheroes for Africans and black readers around the world. The cast of characters—”Africa’s Avengers” according to some fans—ranges from Guardian Prime, a 25-year old Nigerian fashion designer by day who uses his extraordinary strength to fight for a better Nigeria, to […]

A Dominican Salon Specializing In Natural Hair Is Redefining Beauty On The Island

Like many women who decide to go natural, Carolina Contreras (raised between the Dominican Republic and the U.S.) set out on a personal hair journey that required unlearning and relearning everything about her once chemically straightened hair.   Contreras subsequently opened up a natural hair salon in the capital city of Santo Domingo. The salon’s […]