Afro- Aryans – Famous Blacks with natural Blue/Green Eyes

Green Eyes Terrence Howard 2. Tyra Banks 3. Smokey Robinson 4. Robert Richard Green 5. Rihanna 6. Nicole Ari Parker 7. KD Aubert 8. Eva Pigford 9. Stacey Dash 10. Alisia Alyies 11. Logan Browning 12. Leona Lewis 13. Phoenix Ampadu 14. Dudley O Shaunessy 14. Ian Conyers 15. Kendrick Sampson Famous Blacks with Blue […]

People you would never guess have a Black parent

    Michael Jackson’s kids Kwame Nkrumah’s Grandson Niklas Yeboah – Ghanaian swimmer Juan Williams’s son Stacey Dash kids Quincy Jones kids Persia White’s daughter Lionel Richie’s Daughter Sophia Richie Khalil Kain’s kids       Eartha Kitt’s Daughter Maya Rudolph daughter Minnie Ripper Ruth Negga Leon Balogun WentWorth Miller Thurgood Marshall’s son Thurgood Marshall, […]

Black Americans who look like other races

Blacks who Look White Adam Clayton Powell – A Baptist pastor and an American politician, who represented Harlem, New York City, in the United States House of Representatives Romare Bearden Artist Harold Ford Sr congressman from Memphis GK Butterfield Congressman from North Carolina and leader of Congressional Black Caucus Shaun King- Civil Rights Activist Maynard Jackson […]

Swirl Masters Nationalities that have intermingled the most with Black people

1. Portuguese 100 milion Most common areas Brazil,Cape Verde Sao Tome, Some of Angola and Mozambique, some of Portugal 2. Spanish 25 million Dominican Republic, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico 3. French 4 million 4. Dutch 4 million 5. Italian unknown 6. Armenian unknown 7. Arab unknown 8. Anglo Saxon 4 million 9. Scottish […]

Countries with the most Mulattoes

 Brazil 98 million language Portuguese Brazil has a 500 year history if race mixing. In Latin America, most mulattoes have descended from multi-ethnic relationships dating to the slavery period, rather than from recent ethnic mixing . It was a concept called Lusotropicalism Lusotropicalism celebrated both actual and mythological elements of racial democracy and civilizing mission […]