20 Worst African Leaders

      1.Francisco Nguema was the first President of Equatorial Guinea; he ruled Equatorial Guinea before his nephew in 1979 overthrew him and sentenced to death by Firing squad for genocide and other crimes he committed. He was brutal and apparently deranged, and he is one of the worst dictators in modern African history.Years […]

Most ratchet countries in Latin America

1. Venezuela -Highest murder rate – Highest inflation ever 141 percent 2. Honduras – Extortion – Death threats to non payers of protection money -no work in Honduras, and the insecurity and violence are overwhelming, 3. El Salvador 4. Dominican Republic 5. Brazil 6. Colombia -Longest guerilla war -Cocaine Capital -Burundfunga -Crime     6. […]

Places that are worse than what people say/and places that are not that bad

Not as Bad Harlem, New York   South Los Angeles Worse than what people say Baltimore Detroit New Orleans Central America Guatemala ( Things to worry about) Kidnapping Organ harvesting Highway robbery done by people dressed as police   El Salvador Honduras  

Africa’s Problems

Corruption Tribalism Lack of education Exploitation by foreigners Dependence on Foreign Aid Poverty Crime Terrorism Wars and Conflicts Poor infrastructure particularly electricity Natural Disasters Virus Environmental diseases Violence Towards Women Lack of regard for rule of law Dictatorship and lack of freedom Government disregard for their own people Hunger Barbaric Tribal Customs and Practices Slavery […]