African greed

  Slavery Corruption Uncle Toms and Sellouts Absent fathers   According to the latest Census figures, about 50 percent of African American boys under age 17 live with a mother only, compared with 16 percent of their white counterparts. Research shows that children in fatherless homes are more likely to drop out of school, exhibit behavioral problems, end up […]

Highest tourism ratio

Croatia  (57,587,000 tourists to 4,170,600 locals – 1380.78%) Iceland (1,891,000 tourists to 334,250 locals – 565.74%) Hungary (52,890,000 tourists to 9,817,960 locals – 538.71%) Denmark (28,692,000 tourists to 5,731,120 locals – 500.64%) France (202,930,000 tourists to 66,896,110 locals 303.35%) Czech Republic (30,915,000 tourists to 10,561,630 locals – 292.71%) Singapore (16,404,000 tourists to 5,607,280 locals – 292.55%) Cyprus (3,286,000 […]

Tariq Nasheed & Tonetalks African xenophobia problem

Tariq Nasheed hates African Says Black immigrants are a source for ratchetness in Black community, including in places where they dont exist. Says Black immigrants are responsible for the high aids rate in Atlanta Black immigrants are responsible for Black on Black crime Black immigrants are to blame for Blacks shopping at Asian owned stores […]