Highest paying school districts for first time teachers

#1. Katonah-Lewisboro School District, Katonah, NY ($84,407)

New York

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If you ever wondered if a teacher could really make a good salary, head north of Long Island, New York.  This area has some of the best paid school districts in the nation.  In fact, the salaries are so competitive in the region that it was difficult to come up with the top ranked district.  Katonah-Lewisboro School District made the cut due to overall cost of living as compared to wages and opportunity for employment.  This district has just over 3,000 students and only three elementary schools, one middle and one high school. .

#2. North Slope Borough School District, Barrow, AK ($55,729)


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If hiking and lots of snow is your thing, then you will be making the most of your breaks as a first year teacher in a district that pays its beginning teachers over $10,000 above the state average for first year teachers.  Alaska might be a bit far flung for some but given the natural beauty and outdoor opportunities it is doubtful you will be bored.  If you are wondering where the North Slope Borough school district is, put your education to good use and test your orienteering skills.  Here are the coordinates: 71.2956° N, 156.7664° W

#3. Palo Alto Unified School District, Palo Alto, CA ($57,084)

Palo Alto

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Silicon Valley is not a cheap place to live.  Thankfully, the Palo Alto Unified School District pays over $10,000 above the state average for first year teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree.  PAUSD currently has twelve elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools.  The average SAT scores for a high school student in this district range from 100 to 200 points above the national average.  Even without the higher pay standard, this makes PAUSD a district that many first year teachers will find appealing.  Palo Alto is perfectly placed between two major metropolitan areas, San Jose and San Francisco.  This gives residents plenty of options for air travel at competitive rates.  There is of course the Pacific Ocean at your door step and northern California forest options nearby.

#4. Nantucket Public Schools, Nantucket, MA ($54,646)


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For a unique first teaching assignment, one might look into Nantucket Public Schools.  The three public schools: one elementary, one middle and one high school, serve the 1,300 children who live on this small island thirty miles south of Cape Cod.  As the principal of Nantucket High School states, “The island is our campus.”  As a National Historic Landmark District, Nantucket Island itself provides an environmental, architectural, and historical education that few outside that setting could imagine.  Along with the unique educational opportunities and the beauty of the Island, a first year teacher can earn $14,000 more starting his or her career on the Island than in other parts of the state.

#5. Greenwich Public Schools, Greenwich, CT ($53,645)

Greenwich CT 2

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Greenwich is a quick train ride from New York City and several other major eastern cities.  Though the cost of living in this beautiful community is nearly double the U.S. average, a starting salary in the mid $50,000 range helps cushion the blow.  Additionally a college attendance rate in the high 90’s and a preschool participation of 97% mean that educational excellence is paramount for this district.  Greenwich is a a perfect place for those who want to live near New York city but would rather not pay the cost of living prices of that large metropolis.

6. Mansfield ISD 53,000

#6. Newark Public Schools, Newark, NJ ($52,273)

New Jersey

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Located just west of New York City, Newark, New Jersey is a city that has faced many challenges over the past years but which finds itself as an up and coming city with strategic plans to better its educational institutions.  Newark Public Schools are some of the oldest in the Nation dating back to 1676.  The rich history and ethnic diversity of this community will prove to be a positive environment for first year teachers committed to the education of all children.

#7. Southwest Independent School District, San Antonio, TX ($50,452)


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Deep in the heart of Texas is a sleepy little town of almost two million people which is home to eighteen school districts and the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs.  Voted the most visited city in Texas by a number of travel sites including Travelocity and Expedia, San Antonio is also home to the Southwest Independent School District where first year teachers will make over $15,000 above the state average. *This is a corrected post.

#8. Brentwood School District, Brentwood, MO ($49,380)

Brentwood MO

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Brentwood Missouri, home of the Brentwood School District, is an inner ring suburb of St. Louis.  This small Missouri suburb boasts outstanding schools with two of the 5 schools receiving the National Blue Ribbon award.  In addition to strong schools, the immediate area offers parks, an ice rink and an aquatic center to meet your recreational needs, not to mention all of the perks of living close to a major city like St. Louis.

#9. Laramie County School District, Cheyenne, WY ($48,132)


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Cheyenne WY is a mere hour and forty minute drive from Denver which can come in handy if you want a more affordable airport to fly into your new home out on the range.  LCS is divided into triads with a central, eastern and southern triad.  There are twenty seven elementary schools, three middle schools and four high schools.  Given the natural beauty of this area anyone who loves the outdoors will be happy to know that you can do so in one of the highest paying school districts in the west.

#10. Alexandria Public Schools, Alexandria, VA ($47,241)


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It should come as no surprise that another Washington DC area school district ranks among the top paying school districts in the country.  This district is made up of twelve elementary schools, two K-8 academies, two middle schools and two high schools, including the famous TC Williams high school memorialized by the movie Remember the Titans.  Given the district’s proximity to our nation’s capital and the center of the South,  there will definitely be many ways to spend the above average salary a first year teacher can make in the state of Virginia.

#11. Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD ($47,106)


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As a metropolitan area of both Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD, residents of Montgomery County have access to the perks of two of the country’s most influential cities.  Montgomery County’s Public School district is the largest in Maryland with over 140,000 students in 200 schools.   Named the tenth wealthiest county in the U.S., Montgomery County school district has access to significant resources, making it one of the best funded school districts in a state that has ranked number one on Education Week’s report card for five years in a row.


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