Largest Linguistic regions outside of English

1.Chinese (Not widespread) Cultural Capital-Beijing   2. (1)Hispanic Latin America 500 million Cultural Capital- Miami 4.5 million square miles       3. (2)French Africa 500 million (will be 866 million by 2050) Would be largest multicountry language 6 million square miles Cultural Capital- Paris 5. Arab world 422 million 5 million square miles Cultural […]

African countries where people speak European languages as a first language

1. Sao Tome The official language is Portuguese. It is spoken natively by over half of the population, but basically everyone (95%) can speak it. The other main language is Forro, which is a Portuguese-based creole language spoken natively by 43% of the population and as a second language by just as many (85% in total). So, […]

French speaking countries by income

1. Monaco $115,000 (Richest country in the World) 2. Luxembourg $113,000 3. Switzerland $82,000 4. France $42,600 5. French Canada $42,000 6. Belgium $41,000 Martinique and Guadaloupe $40,000 New Caledonia $38,000 Reunion $23,000 French Guiana $19,000 7. Seychelles $16,000 French Polynesia Mayotte $12,600 8. Mauritius $11,600 Lebanon $9,000 9. Gabon $8,300 Algeria $4,229 Tunisia $3,551 […]

Most dangerous neighborhoods in Paris

Paris 2.1 million metropolitan 12.5 million   1. Clichy sous bois 2. Sarcelles 3. Sevran 4. Mantes La Jolie 5. La Courneuve 6. Grigny 7. Aubervilliers 8. Argentueil 9. Aulnay Sous Bois 10. Corbeil-essonne Marseille 870,000 metro 1.9 million 40-50% are immigrant   1. Felix Pyat 2. La Castellanes 3. Frais Vallon      

Largest African Immigrant groups in France

Paris is the capital largest city in France with 12.5 million people. There are 2.24 million Blacks in the Paris area. There are more African immigrants in Paris than any other city. Here are the largest groups There are 3 million   There are 3 million Blacks in Mainland France, 2 million overseas Blacks. 5 […]

Coolest Black French Cities

North and Northeast Paris 1. Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire 7.4 million 2. Saint Denis, Reunion 204,000 3. Kigali, Rwanda 1.1 million 4. Fort de France, Martinique 81,000 5. Dakar, Senegal 1 million metro area 2.45 million 6. Cayenne, French Guiana 160,000 7. Djibouti, Djibouti 562,000 8. Point a Pitre, Guadaloupe 324,000 9. Victoria, Seychelles. Pop 26,000 […]

French Speaking Countries

There 570 million Speakers in Total or  600  million Congo 102 million Africas most troubled country. Richest resources. Most malaria. Bloodiest war. Most prostitution. Only 6% Have internet access. 2. Cote Divoire 32 million (Worth visiting) 3. Madagascar 30 million (Worth Visiting) Madagascar has fastest internet in Africa. Just 13% of its 25 million population […]

Driving around Africa: Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is the capital and largest city in Senegal. It was settled in the 15th Century. Dakar is home of the Dakar race rally and it is a major center of African fashion.  The city of Dakar proper has a population of 1,030,594, whereas the population of the Dakar metropolitan area is estimated at 2.45 million […]

Driving around Africa : Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

       Abidjan is the largest city in Cote D’Ivoire. Abidjan is a chic metropolis with a magical mix of Africa and a sprinkle of American and French lifestyles.Abidjan is located on the Ebrie Lagoon on the Gulf of Guinea in the south-east coast of Cote d’Ivoire. According to the 2014 Ivory Coast census, Abidjan’s population was 4.7 […]