Countries with most Ghanaians

1. United States 300,000 – New York City, Chicago, D.C – Situation – Ok Could be better Jobs Students, Nurses ,Doctors, Pharmacists, Hospice Care workers, Cab drivers $60,000 2/3rds of Ghanaians work in Healthcare field 2. United Kingdom 160,000 – London – English $65,000   $6.9 billion Situation Ok Jobs -Student, Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Hospice ,Care workers, […]

Ghanaian Adventist Church Directory

  NAGSDA- Headquarters – NAGSDA World Headquarters, 1 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, New York   Campmeeting dates and Locations Number of Churches-40 Campmeetings – Nagdsa Youth Camp in Pennsylvannia   North America United States New  York City area 1. First Ghana  SDA Church  584 members Owns  45 Goble Pl, Bronx, NY 10452 2. North Bronx 401 […]

Hot countries in Africa to do business- Short term

Angola – (Fastest growing economy fom 2001-2010) 10% growth every year, which means about $10 billion every year. 5th Largest economy in size, by the year 2020 will be 4th largest economy in Africa after (3rd – Egypt 2nd – South Africa 1st Nigeria) so lots of money, Untouched market, Fastest Hair products, ESL, Wine, […]

African Countries that don’t need to exist

Burundi ( Become part of Tanzania) Djibouti (Become part of Ethiopia) Eritrea ( Become part of Ethiopia) Central African Republic, Chad, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea maybe, Guinea Bissau ( Become one French speaking Muslim African Country with Capital in Dakar) Sierra Leone and Liberia (Become one Country) Togo and Benin (Become one Country) Malawi […]

Most spoken First African Lnguages

Swahili 28 million  (Mandombe Script)  total  Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda       140 million Hausa 36 million 52 million total -Fulani 24 76 million Nigeria (None) Yoruba 36 million Nigeria (None) Ibo 25 million Nigeria (Nsibiri) Amharic 25 million  Ethiopia  (Ge’ez) Oromo 24 million Ethiopia (Ge’ez) Akan 22 million Ghana (Adinkra) Malagasy 20 million Madagascar (None) Somali 17 million   […]

World cities African cities should model themselves after

Johannesburg – Sydney Pretoria – Melbourne Durban – Brisbane Gold Coast Miami Bloemfontein – Adelaide Lagos – Shanghai, Tokyo Abuja – Beijing Calabar Eastern Area – Hong Kong Pearl River delta area Accra – Seoul Nairobi – Bangkok Dar Es Salaam – Kuala Lumpur Luanda – Dubai and Hong Kong Windhoek – Salt Lake City […]

15 Tallest proposed buildings in Africa

Tallest Proposed African buildings 1. Al Noor Tower Casablanca, Morocco 1,800 Will be 9th tallest building if completed (Cost $1.23 billion) 2. Meles Zenawi Center Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1,462 3.  Centurion Tower 1,432 Centurion(Pretoria) 4. Africa Tower, Abuja, 1,010 feet 4. Jabavu Hass Towers, Nairobi,Kenya 980 feet 66 floors   4. Upper Hill Square, Nairobi, Kenya 951 feet […]