Best places for Black people to learn Chinese/最好的地方学习普通话

Just because you are open minded and culturally open, doesn’t mean that the world may be culturally open minded about you.       Singapore Average salary is $53,000 Singapore is wonderful generally tolerant society, however it is very small. 2. Hong Kong 3. Yiwu 4. Wuhan   Mandarin accents Beijing accent- strong er sound […]

Delhi Africa summit China vs India

  India Africa Forum Trade Between India and Africa is almost $ 100 billion The development of modern-day relations has gone through two main periods. During the period of colonialism and liberation wars, political relations became stronger. At the wake of the Cold War, many African countries joined the non-aligned movement pioneered by Egypt, Ghana, […]

Best Chinese Construction Projects in Africa & Portraits of China Africa

The Ming Dynasty voyages of Chineseadmiral Zheng He and his fleet, which rounded the coast of Somalia and followed the coast down to the Mozambique Channel. The goal of those expeditions was to spreadChinese culture and signal Chinese strength. Zheng brought gifts and granted titles from the Ming emperor to the local rulers, with the aim of establishing a large number oftributary states.[3] In October […]

20 facts about China you may be shocked to know

China is rather exotic and sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand Chinese people. Maybe these 20 facts will help you understand the country better. 1. Rich people in China can hire body doubles to serve their prison sentence. It’s a common practice in China. There is even such a saying “America has the rule of […]

Travelling While Black 8 things white people will never know about travel

Ernest “Fly Brother” White II points out things a lot of travelers might never imagine as being part of their regular “travel experience.” by Ernest “Fly Brother” White II AS A BLACK AMERICAN MALE living for the past seven years in Latin America, I’ve had more than my share of the craziness that comes with […]

China Became Africa’s Largest Export Destination In 2012

Already Africa’s single biggest trading partner, China is set to become the continent’s largest export destination in 2012 according to South African based Standard Bank. The milestone would mark a significant turnaround since 2008, the bank says, when exports to China stood at half of those to the US. In a research note, Standard Bank’s […]

China Training African Workforce to Partner with Chinese Businesses

July 24, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Webb Tagged With: Africa China Trade, african workforce, china businesses, training With China continuing its wave of investments in Africa, Chinese companies are working to train more high-level professionals in the region, as a lack of qualified talent has become a roadblock for the budding business relationship between […]