20 Worst African Leaders




1.Francisco Nguema was the first President of Equatorial Guinea; he ruled Equatorial Guinea before his nephew in 1979 overthrew him and sentenced to death by Firing squad for genocide and other crimes he committed. He was brutal and apparently deranged, and he is one of the worst dictators in modern African history.Years in power: 11 years

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Lows: During his regime, he granted himself “all direct powers of Government and Institutions.” He ordered the death of entire families and villages; he executed members of his family, One-third of the population fled the country, he ordered every boat in the nation sold or destroyed and banned all citizens from the shoreline to prevent more people from escaping his terror.

2. African Kings that Sold their people into Slavery

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2. Joseph Mobutu

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3. Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor once described as the “tyrant of death” was the President of Liberia from August 1997 until 2003 when international pressure forced him to resign and go into exile in Nigeria. He remains one of the most brutal dictators in Africa till date.

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Years in power: 6 years

Lows: Charles Taylor is currently serving a 50-year sentence for his involvement in what the judge described as “some of the most heinous and brutal crimes recorded in human history.” He was found guilty of the following charges: Acts of terrorism, Unlawful killings, Murder, Violence to life, health and physical or mental well-being of persons,

3. He also served as the Chairperson of the African Union from 31 January 2011 to 29 January 2012.

Lows: State-operated radio declared President Obiang “the country’s god” with “all power over men and things,” and thereby he “can decide to kill without anyone calling him to account and without going to hell.” Unlawful killings, government-sanctioned kidnappings; torture of prisoners by security forces, and even accusations of cannibalism has trailed President Obiang’s regime. Forbes estimates his wealth to be around $600 million; he has used an oil boom to enrich his family at the expense of the citizens of Equatorial Guinea.

4. Omar Al Bashir

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Sudan’s President seized power in 1989 in a bloodless military coup against the government of Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi- a government which was democratically elected by the people of Sudan. Soon after seizing power, Al-Bashir dispersed all political parties in the country, disbanded the country’s parliament and shut down all privately-owned media outlets. His reign has been characterized by a civil war in which over one million have been killed, while several millions have been displaced. Al-Bashir is still wanted by the International Criminal Court for instigating crimes against humanity, particularly in directing and funding acts of violence against the Southern Sudan. Famously corrupt, a diplomatic wikileaks cable revealed that Al-Bashir likely siphoned some $9 billion of his country’s funds into his private bank accounts in the United Kingdom.


5. Idi Amin

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6. Yahya Jammeh took power in a bloodless military coup in 1994. Jammeh got re-elected as the 2016 general elections to Adama Barrow, and surprisingly, he conceded defeat. Only to reject the results few weeks after, he finally left Gambia in exile to Equatorial Guinea after sustained pressure by the African Union, Ecowas, and UN.

Years in power: 23 years

Lows: Strong human rights abuses have marked Yahya Jammeh’s regime, he also claims to have a cure for HIV Aids and his hate for homosexuality is well documented, recently, he threatened to slit the throats of any homosexual in Gambia.

7. Gnassingbé Eyadema remains one of Africa’s longest-serving dictator. Eyadema became the president of Togo in 1967 after he led a military coup against the incumbent President, a man he helped bring to power in a bloody military coup. He died of a heart attack in 2005, and his son Faure was named the President of Togo in controversial circumstances.

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Years in power: 38 years

Lows: Eyadema is the pioneer of Africa’s first military coup d’etat, an act that soon became the political trend in Africa. He organized a presidential election in 1998 and canceled “in the interests of national security” when he was losing. He was accused of several cases of human right abuses.

8. Paul Biya


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Paul Biya has been the President of Cameroon since 6 November 1982. He consolidated power in a 1983–1984 power struggle with his predecessor and he remains a powerhouse in Africa and the president of Cameroon till date.

Years in power: 35 years +

Highs: Cameroon has enjoyed peace and stability for the past 30 years. Paul Biya’s regime has also overseen one of the strongest diplomatic relations in Africa.

Lows: Paul Biya has kept himself in power by organizing sham elections and paying international observers to certify them free of irregularities, the top African leader, and dictator who has been accused of constant human right abuse, was ranked 19th in Parade Magazine’s Top 20 list of “The World’s Worst Dictators.”


9. Yoweri Museveni – Uganda

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10. Jacob Zuma – South Africa

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11. Edgar Lungu – Zambia

Sold his country to the Chinese

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12. Buthelezi – South Africa Tried to fight against the ANC, because he was jealous and wanted power.

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13.  President John Mahama – Incompetent President

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14. Bingu Wa Mutharika – Malawi

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15. Goodwill Zwelithini – Responsible for foolish xenophobia attacks

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16. King Mswati

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Africa’s last absolute monarch presides over a country which has one of the world’s highest HIV prevalence rates: Over 35 percent of adults. Its average life expectancy is the lowest in the world at 33 years; nearly 70 percent of the country’s citizens live on less than $1 a day and 40 percent are unemployed. But for all the suffering of the Swazi people, King Mswati has barely shown concern or interest. He lives lavishly, using his kingdom’s treasury to fund his expensive tastes in German automobilesfirst-class leisure trips around the world and women. But his gross mismanagement of his country’s finances is now having dire economic consequences. Swaziland is going through a severe fiscal crisis. The kingdom’s economy is collapsing and pensions have been stopped. In June last year, the King begged for a financial bailout from South Africa, and the country is at a dead end, so badly that it recently announced its withdrawal from the 2013 Africans Nations Cup, citing lack of finances as the principal reason.

17. Goodluck Jonathan

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Worst Townships in South Africa



1.Nyanga, Cape Town

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In 2001 its unemployment was estimated at around 56% [3] and HIV/AIDS is a huge community issue. The township is known as the “murder capital” of South Africa.[4]


2. Diepsloot, Johannesburg

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More than half, 56%, of surveyed men in Diepsloot in northern Johannesburg say they’ve either raped or beaten a woman in the past 12 months, according to results from the Sonke CHANGE trial, which were released on Monday. These figures are some of highest rates of violence against women ever recorded in South Africa: they are more than double those reported in national studies.

3. Mitchell’s Plain,  Cape Town


4. Gugulethu


5. Inanda, Durban


6. Khayelitsha, Cape Town


7. Umlazi, Durban


8. Alexandra, Johannesburg


9. Silvertown, Port Elizabeth

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African cities with Lots to do


1. Apartheid museum


2. Mandela Home


3. Stock exchange

4. Gold Reef City

5. Sun City

6. Sandton downtown

7. Take the Gautrain

8. Mall of Africa

9. Soweto

10. Walter Sisulu Gardens

11. Maboneng




Cape Town

1. Table Mountain

2. Robben Island

3. Clifton

4. Bokaap

5. Long Street

6. Wine Rout

7. Canal Walk

8. Camps Bay

9. Boulders Beach


3. Accra

Independence Square

Airport Restaurant

Airport Restaurant in Accra

2. Independence SquareAlso known as Black Star Square for the large black star located atop Independence Arch. The square celebrates Ghanaian independence from the British in 1957 and features an eternal flame first lit by Nkrumah himself in 1961

3. Nkrumah Mausoleum 

4. Buy Kente Cloth

5. See a fantasy coffin

6. Capital Buildings

7. Trendy Osu



8. Accra West Africa’s largest mall

Ride the Accra train

9. Labadi Beach

10. Ada, Ghana


11. Keta Beach

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200
VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

12. Bosua Beach

13. Bojo Beach


14. Cape Coast Elmina Slave Castle

File:Cape Coast castle.jpg

15.Aburi Botanical Gardens

4. Durban

5. Nairobi

6. Addis Ababa

7. Lagos

8. Luanda Angola

9. Dakar

10. Antanarivo










African cities with the best nightlife


1. Johannesburg


Joburg has it all, from hipster bars and dancing clubs, to historic pubs and bar districts. The only tricky bit is that nightlife areas are spread across the city, although this just adds to the variety. Wherever you go, make sure that if you are driving you stay sober or take a taxi. The legal drinking age in South Africa is 18. Credit cards are accepted everywhere unless otherwise stated.
2. Cape Town


There are essentially four nightlife precincts in Cape Town: Victoria Road in Camps Bay, aka the ‘sunset strip’, with tables on the pavement or on raised platforms – all the better to toast the setting sun; Long Street, an increasingly grungy area attracting a young pan-African crowd, and where most of the backpackers are located; upper Kloof street – though the bars are not as densely packed as Long Street.
3. Abidjan


Abidjan has a reputation for its vibrant nightlife, it is considered to be the liveliest on the continent. There are many nightclubs; bars and what are called maquis’ to discover all over the city.

4. Lagos


Lagos offers the elusive electrical charge that all travelers crave: the authentic, even if that means having to watch your back on the street at all times.
5. Nairobi


Kenyan nightlife is infamous for its anything goes attitude. Things however are tightening up, and in Nairobi, rules are becoming more common, and more enforced. That being said, if you are looking to party in Kenya, Nairobi and the areas around Mombasa have you covered. Beer and other forms of alcohol in Kenya are widespread and easily available. Recently there has been an effort to crack down on people getting drunk and lazy during the day, so the selling of alcohol has been restricted. But you can never be certain if these regulations will be enforced, or if it is just another means of corruption.

Typically nightclubs are open late, often till the sun shines the next day. It’s common to take your time, eat dinner and possibly visit a cheap bar to hangout before checking into the main destination of the night. Small neighborhood bars, guest houses, or just the side of the road are good places to get started before moving on. Attire for going out is really up to where you go, and where you are in the country. Nairobi has its share of upscale nightclubs and bars that require closed-toed shoes and long pants, with most people choosing to wear button down shirts. Upper class Kenyans and Indians like to dress smart, and make sure they look good going out.
6. Luanda



Luanda: a city where everyone seems to have money, kids drive better cars than some senior execs in New York do and attending a mundane New Year’s Eve party costs at least $100. If you’re visiting Luanda and want a good time, you’ll need cash – lots of it, preferably in US dollars. Conventional wisdom will tell you that when visiting a foreign city it’s always better to go out with a local, and this could not be truer in Angola. Locals will help you navigate the fluid Luandan nightlife scene and keep the notoriously unfriendly bouncers at bay. The savvy ones will also show you how to party without breaking the bank.

7. Durban

8. Kampala


The nightlife in Kampala is anything, but boring. The city is filled with discos, nightclubs, and live music venues. Black Angel is one of the more famous dance clubs in Kampala.
9. Accra


Like everywhere else, but especially for Accra, music is integral to the nightlife. Ghana is pioneer of key sounds to emerge from the continent (most prominently highlife, and the Afrobeats sub-genre Azonto).
10. Addis Ababa

Nightlife in the Ethiopian capital can be either very low-key or borderline raucous, depending on where you go. The country has a jazz tradition going back to the 60s, which was, sadly, temporarily suspended during the years of communist regime (along with other kinds of live music), but is now back up and ready to be thoroughly enjoyed at venues across town. An alcoholic beverage not to be missed is tej, a murky honey wine served in bulb-shaped glass containers at designated “tej houses” (tej bet), and not only.

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Most Aesthetically Pleasing Afrobeats Music videos

1. Wizkid – Come Closer Redux


2. Tiwa Savage – Diet

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3. Kcee Feat Tekno – Boo


4. Omawumi Somori

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4. Chidinma Jakolinko


5. Niniola Sicker

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6. Niniola Magun


7. Dj Maphorisa, Busiswa, Moonchild Sanelly – Midnight Starring


8. Davido Like Dat

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9. Vanessa Mdee – Miroge

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10. Mzvee – I dont know

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Honorable mention

Kcee feat Tekno Boo


American Celebrities you didnt know were African (or at least half)

Omorosa Half Nigerian

Papoose parents from Liberia

Birthday Bash ATL The Pop Up Edition Concert
Chamillionaire parents from Nigeria

Tinashe half Zimbabwean


Doja Cat half South African

Styles P half South African

Maxo Cream half Nigerian



Issa Rae half Senegalese

Gabouray Sidibe half Senegalese

The Weeknd parents from Ethiopia

Amber Rose half Cape Verdean

Tiffany Haddish half Eritrean

Nipsey Hussle half Eritrean

Nipsey Hussle In Store CD Signing

Michael Beach Cape Verdean

Left Eye Cape Verdian



30 Best African music videos

Criteria –






1. Enimoney, Tiwa Savage – Diet (Nigeria)


2. Patoranking – Available

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3. Dj Sbu feat Zahara –


2. Niniola Magun (Nigeria)


3. Yemi Alade Go Down

Video Yemi Alade - Go Down.png

4. Falz Way (Nigeria)

5. Niniola – Sicker (Nigeria)

6. Mpumi- Umoya (South Africa)

7. Olamide Wo (Nigeria)

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8. Yemi Alade – Charlie


9. Wande Coal – Turkey Nla (Nigeria)

10. Kwesta – Spirit (South Africa)


11. Burna Boy – Soke

12. Wande Coal- Iskaba (Nigeria)

13. Saro

14. Soke

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15. Prince Kaybee – Charlotte

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16. Davido – Like Dat

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17. Pataapa – Akwaaba

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18. Lax – Gwara Gwara


19. Shekhina – Suited

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20. Kwesta Mgud


21. Vanessa Mdee Miroge

niroge tu.png
22. Seun Kuti – Black Woman

23. Mpumi- Wena

24. Mafikozola – Khona


25. Dr. Malinga – Akulalwa


26. Ayo Jay


27. Kiss Daniel Yeba

28. Yemi Alade – Koffi Annan

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29. Wizkid- Pakuromo


30. Londie London – There He Goes

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