Game Changers:In historic fashion parade, rapper Emicida releases his clothing line at São Paulo Fashion Week with cast featuring 90% black models

In an historical parade, Emicida puts black and overweight models on as protagonists in SPFW with his clothing line It took a rapper invading the catwalk to show the obvious: a parade with mostly black models is as or more beautiful than a parade of Scandinavian whites. There is no possible argument after watching the […]

African Owned Business in Buenos Aires

There are about 5,000 Africans in Argentina Senegal but they also come from Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Nigeria El Buen Sabor Africano Save Camargo 296, Buenos Aires 1414, Argentina +54 48548800

Brazillian companies that do Business in Africa

Top Brazilian Companies In Africa <span “=””>Petrobras <span “=””>Brazil’s partly state-owned oil company, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, which is usually known as Petrobras, operates in an incredible 28 African countries. It is one of the biggest listed companies in the world and given its experience in developing deepwater fields in Brazil’s Campos Basin, it is no […]

Largest Metros in Brazil

São Paulo São Paulo 11,244,369  (U.S Equivalent- New York) 2.  Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 6,323,037  (U.S Equivalent-Los Angeles) 3. Salvador Bahia 2,676,606 4 4  (U.S Equivalent-Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans) 4. Brasília Distrito Federal 2,562,963 5 5  (US Equivalent Washington,D.C) 5. Fortaleza Ceará 2,447,409 6 6 6. Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais 2,375,444 (U.S Equivalent […]