Black American and African Tourism

Top Spot for Black American Tourists Not in Any Order

  1. Jamaica

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There’s a reason Stella went to Jamaica to get her groove back! The food, music, beaches, and “irie vibes” make this Caribbean isle a wonderful place to recharge after a hectic period.

2. Dominican Republic

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3. The Bahamas

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4. Ghana

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Everything about Ghana makes it a top destination for Black Americans. The people, the food, the history, the culture. There’s something to do every night in Accra, whether it be karaoke, learning to dance Kizomba, or enjoying a delicious dinner with friends. It’s also worth the three-hour drive to visit Cape Coast Castle, where many of our ancestors were enslaved and shipped to South America, the Caribbean and the United States. Ghana is known for being one of the safest and most welcoming west African countries. It has a has a murder rate much lower than the United States, and has the 3rd lowest homicide rate in Africa.

6. Paris, France

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From the beaches of the Riviera to the cafes of Paris, there’s no better country to practice self-care. Whether you choose to get your sommelier on with a wine-tasting course in Bordeaux, castle hop in the Loire Valley, or simply get swept up in the romance and whimsy of the historical Alsace region, France is where you can relax, unwind, and make everything all about you

7. Brazil

Home to the largest African population outside of Africa, black women will feel at home immediately in Brazil. In addition to its beautiful beaches, iconic landmarks (that means Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer, duh), Brazil is a beautiful mix of diversity that has created its native food, music and culture. Brazil can also be a gateway to see more of South America’s biggest attractions in other countries like Argentina, Peru, Patagonia and many more! Carnival anyone?

8. Japan

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9. South Africa


South Africa has beautiful beaches, great restaurants, scenic safaris and so much more. But don’t mistake South Africa for just a pretty face. Apartheid officially ended in 1994, so the country is still undergoing a renovation of sorts. Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban are all so amazing, yet all so different so do careful research before you go so you can meet your particular vacation needs. South Africa has an underlying energy that is hard to explain but it’s so magnetic. You may never come home!

10. Panama

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11. Costa Rica

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Top Spots for African Tourists

  1. London  600,000 African Tourists Annually

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London maintains its position as the most popular destination since 2013, followed by Cape Town in second, Dubai in third and New York in fourth. Destinations like London and Dubai are naturally ever-popular among Nigerians as it is easy for them to get visas to these destinations. While destinations like New York is popular, a number of people appear to have been booking flights to Houston and Atlanta. Other top choices include Abu Dhabi, France, China and Istanbul.
“Nigerian travellers favourite destinations are the most popular due to sheer volume of flight bookings. London is a destination most Nigerian travellers visit mostly, for any vacation trip and the city itself is a popular attraction for families and couples; it is also a hub for travellers heading to other destinations outside the United Kingdom.” said Lilian Obinna-Igwe, Country Manager.


2. Dubai  300,000 visitors

Dubai takes the least time to get to by flight, just six hours, instead of 14 hours to other destinations. There are the thousands of posh restaurants, luxury hotels, parks, museums, resorts and family entertainment centres that serve as perfect getaway cum exquisite business spots for destination events.

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3. Cape Town

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4. New York

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5. Mauritius

Popular with South Africans tourists about 100,000 tourists from South Africa visit Mauritius Annually

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5. Atlanta

6. Thailand

93,000 South Africans visit Thailand annually

7. Paris




Most Common Nationalities for Tourists


Black Americans


1. Nigerians – London, Dubai, Cape Town
2. South African- Mauritius, Thailand
3. Angolans-Lisbon
4. Ghanaians- London



Interesting Places that Black people need to travel to

  1. Northern Haiti

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2. Ethiopia

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Houston vs Dallas

The Houston versus Dallas rivalry is probably one of the most in intense in state rivalries

Airports – Dallas

Dallas is home to Dfw airport the 2nd largest airport. Houstons airport is 4th largest and 10th busiest

Skyline – Houston

7/10 of the tallest buildings are in Houston

Health – Houston

Music Scene and Culture – Houston

Amusement Parks- Dallas

Food and Restaurants- Houston

Suburbs- Dallas

Black Suburbs – Dallas

Black Empowerment- Houston

Nightlife – Houston

Outdoor Activites – Tie

Public Transportation- Dallas 

University Choices – Dallas

The Dallas area has SMU, U of Dallas, UT Dallas, UT Arlington , UNT

Houston – University of Houston, Rice University, and a stretch Texas And M


Shopping Malls- Houston

Population Growth – Was Houston, Currently is Dallas

Sports Stadiums – Dallas

Ritzy Bohemian hoods – Dallas

Things Houston needs to do be better

Better Public transportation

overall diagram 8-4

Bigger Airport



Six Flags Amusement Park



Favorite Neighborhoods in Houston



River Oaks


East Houston


Favorite Neighborhoods Dallas

1. Irving Las Colinas


2. Uptown-Oaklawn Dallas


Dallas bigger airport, better pt, better churches, more university choices


Nigerias problems

1. Boko Haram

2. Scamming

3. Illegal Immigration


Take the recent incidence of slave trade in Libya in which many Nigerians were the victims of such trade. Now ask yourself: what would make a citizen in a country that is neither a shithole, at war nor in ethnic cleansing pay good money good money to travel through the Sahara desert in hopes of making it to Europe through Libya? What would make so many people take that risk with less than 60 percent chances of survival? And then refuse to come back even after being rescued at the slave camps in Libya? What kind of disease creates such desperation, if the country was not a shithole.
4. Piracy

nigerian pirates 16x9
5. Drug peddling

6. Prostitution

7. Corruption


8. Sars Police

8. Oil spillage

maxresdefault (1)
9. Herdsman

10. Issues of Succession


11. Disgrace image of other Africans

In Europe they have developed a reputation for being illegal immigrants, scammers, drug pushers, and prostitutes

In East Asia, they have developed a reputation for being illegal immigrants, scam artists, and drug pushers

In the Middle East robbing banks, trying to smuggle drugs

South America, illegal immigrants, and drug smugglers

All while disgracing the image of Black people in many places that recently came into contact with Black people


Why living in Nigeria sucks as a Nigerian

number one

1. Nigeria is very corrupt every were you go you always have to pay a bribe you have to pay a bribe to pass school yet to pay a bribe to get better cheap man hospital the policeman asked you for a bride

2. The government doesn’t give a crab about you

3. You can’t trust nobody everyone is a liar back stabber fief rub person hypocrite

4. The leaders in your government treat you like ship

5. It’s dangerous

6. Constant on announced power outages one day the whole country’s electric grid schlittli shut down on the country was in dark

7. It’s crowded

8. It’s ugly

9. Sars Police

10. Please won’t catch corrupt officials harder criminals or print on the innocent and Islamic terrace however if you’re gay they’re really serious about putting you in jail in Nigeria if you’re cut being gay whatever that means you are subject at least 14 years in prison and I’ll corrupt politician T stood millions and millions of dollars from poor innocent people I left to go free