Things to do in Punta Arenas, Chile and Ushuaia, Argentina

Punta Arenas, Chile 1. Go around Town   Puerto Natales       2. Torres Del Paine       Ferries to Antarctica Flights to Antarctica Ushuaia 1. Go around town Welcome Sign End of the World Isla Martillo End of Panamerican highway   Tierra del Fuego National Park Synopsis – Minimum time to spend […]

Biggest Crybabies & Victims in Black media

1. Yvette Carnell these fools NEVER have any tangible solutions for Black people. Just depression soaked in “wokeness” and numbers. 2. Antonio Moore 3. Dl Hughly 4. Jeff Johnson 5. Cynthia G   6. Umar Johnson 7. Phil the advise show 9. Boyce Watkins 10. Walter Lee Hampton Softcore whiner/debbie downer 11. Professor Black Truth […]