Slave Revolts of the Americas

The African slaves in greatest demand came from the Gold Coast. There the warlike Ashanti Negroes in the eighteenth century conquered neighboring tribes; thousands of prisoners of war were sold by that tribe to native traders at the great slave market at Mansu. Gold Coast Negroes were Coromantines, or Koromantyns, or Koromantees. They were distinguished […]

Countries that Successfully fought of Western imperialism or avoided it

Countries that fought it off. Japan Japan was one of the only Asian countries to escape Western colonization, becoming a colonizing power itself in the region. As the country fought against foreign influence and intrusion, only the Dutch and Chinese managed to set up trading ports in Japan, despite the efforts of other nations. Japan, […]

The Worst Colonizers of Africa

Arabs Some historians estimate that between A.D. 650 and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders. Others believe over 20 million enslaved Africans alone had been delivered through the trans-Sahara route alone to the Islamic world. Dr. John Alembellah Azumah in his 2001 book, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa estimates that over 80 […]

Biggest slave ports of the Americas

What The slave trade was the largest forced movement of people in history. There are over 200 million people of African descent in the Americas. About 12.5 million slaves are estimated to have been embarked on ships. Many died, with only 10.7 million arriving in the Americas, and one in four slaving vessels failed to return to […]

Leaving Africa- Self Afrophobia in Black Majority Societies

  Self Afrophobia in Black Majority Societies Dominican Republic The Discrimination Republic “Looks like Heaven feels like Hell”   The Island of Hispanolia is one of the most strangest and weirdest places, with the most craziest and fascinating history you will ever see. Why Black people should care about the Dominican Republic 1. Large Majority […]

Profile on the Black Diaspora

Continents by Black people South America 140 million – Brazil 120 million, Colombian 12 million,Venezuela 5 million, Peru 2 million, Ecuador 1 million, Guyana 400,000, Suriname 300,000, Uruguay 300,000, French Guiana 200,000 North America 86 million- United States 50 million, Haiti 10 million, Dominican Republic 9.2 million, Cuba 7.1 million, Jamaica 3 million, Puerto Rico 2 million, […]

Worst race riots in American History

The United States has had more riots than any other country most of them about race Attacks on Blacks Here are the five worst ones Tulsa 1921-more than one thousand homes and businesses were destroyed, while credible estimates of riot deaths range from fifty to three hundred. By the time the violence ended, the city […]