Countries with the most wealth

Real assets, mainly housing, were found to make up 60 per cent of household wealth Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Switzerland   $500,000 2. Australia  200,000 3. Norway  150,000 4. Luxembourg  150,000 5. United States  $100,000 6. Sweden   90,000 7.France    90,000 8. Singapore  90,000 9. Belgium […]

Game Changers:In historic fashion parade, rapper Emicida releases his clothing line at São Paulo Fashion Week with cast featuring 90% black models

In an historical parade, Emicida puts black and overweight models on as protagonists in SPFW with his clothing line It took a rapper invading the catwalk to show the obvious: a parade with mostly black models is as or more beautiful than a parade of Scandinavian whites. There is no possible argument after watching the […]

Game Changers : Noirebnb and Innclusive

Innclusive After widespread complaints about racism and discrimination on Airbnb, two startups have set out to offer alternative services to African-American travelers. Noirebnb and Noirbnb – two separate businesses, despite their similar names – aim to provide a more inclusive home-sharing platform by bringing together black hosts with black people who are travelling. READ MORE: […]

Oreos vs Wiggers – Most Stereotypically Black vs Most Stereotypically White

Criteria Mannerisms Alignment with their political or social Issue   Blackest White People Rachel Dolezal 2. Whoa Vicky 3. Paul Wall 4. Jon B 5. Tina Marie 6. Eminem Blackest Black people 1. Umar Johnson Whitest White People 1. Dick and Lynne Cheney   Whitest Black People Stacey Dash 2. David Clarke 3. Condoleeza Rice […]

Game Changers : Black Owned Bank receives 8,000 new bank accounts and $1 million in 5 days

There are 21 African American owned banks with assets totaling approximately $4.7 billion or approximately 0.43 percent of African America’s $1.3 trillion in buying power. In 1994, there were 54 African American owned banks according to the FDIC. Now, there are 21. In other words 99% of Black Americans put their money in Non Black […]

Best places for Black people to learn Chinese/最好的地方学习普通话

Just because you are open minded and culturally open, doesn’t mean that the world may be culturally open minded about you.       Singapore Average salary is $53,000 Singapore is wonderful generally tolerant society, however it is very small. 2. Hong Kong 3. Yiwu 4. Wuhan   Mandarin accents Beijing accent- strong er sound […]

30 Best Black American Sitcoms

1. The Cosby Show (1984-1992) 8 years Network: NBC Show setting – Brooklyn, New York Worst kept secret ever, right? After running for eight seasons on NBC and receiving accolades as one of the best TV shows of the 1980s, The Cosby Show is the best black sitcom ever produced. Building on the strengths of […]

What is it Like to Teach Black Inner City Students, according to a White Teacher

by Christopher Jackson Until recently I taught at a predominantly black high school in a southeastern state. The mainstream press gives a hint of what conditions are like in black schools, but only a hint. Expressions journalists use like “chaotic” or “poor learning environment” or “lack of discipline” do not capture what really happens. There […]