30 Richest Black American neighborhoods by income

  1. Prince George County, Maryland, DC area

Prince George County

2. Atlanta Southern Suburbs

3. Los Ángeles Southwest Suburbs

4. Chicago South Suburbs

5. New York Southeast Queens and inner Nassau County, and Rockland County

6. Houston Southwest Suburbs

S Houston Suburbs Black Population Growth Map

Houston does not have large “all-Black” suburbs that are typical of places like Atlanta or Washington DC. However, for those who want to enjoy the middle class and upper middle class lifestyle within the same culture, this is where it is most possible.

Cities like Missouri City 46%, Fresno 60%, Stafford 27% Black, Brookshire 38% Black

Middle class African Americans have been living in significant numbers in Missouri City since the 1970s and in 2000, it was named a model city for Middle-class African Americans by Black Entertainment Television (BET). It is a family oriented city with a combination of  white collar professionals and well paid blue collar workers

7. Dallas Southwest Suburbs – “Best Southwest is a term commonly applied to four Dallas suburbs – Cedar Hill 51%Black , DeSoto, 70% Black , Duncanville 30% Black, and Lancaster 69% Black – in southwestern Dallas County, Texas (USA). As of the 2010 census, the four suburbs had a combined population of 171,000.[1]

The term “Best Southwest” was first used when the Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, and Lancaster chambers of commerce formed a partnership to improve cooperation between the cities.[2] They formed the Best Southwest Chamber Partnership in 1986, and it was incorporated in 1990.The four municipalities, frequently work together on local events and projects.

8. Miami Broward County Suburbs

9. Detroit Northwest Suburbs

10. South Westchester County and Rockland County, New York

Image result for South Westchester County New York


1. Woodmore, Maryland $161,000  D.C Metro ( Number 30 in America) Average home Price – $600,000

The Woodmore and Mitchellville community is notable as one the most affluent predominantly African-American community in the United States.[3] The population of Woodmore (defined by CDP 86710) was 3,936 at the 2010 census.[4]

The gated community “Woodmore” is centered on a country club; the community is planned to consist of 398 single-family homes on 799 acres (3.2 km2).[5]


2. View Park-Windsor Hills, CA- $160,168  Los Angeles Metro

2. Average home price $ 849,000

Neighborhoods in Windsor Hills and View Park are no longer exclusively black neighborhoods and on at least one block where columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson lives, the majority of residents are now white. (Courtesy photo)

3. Baldwin Hills, CA- $157,033  Los Angeles Metro


It is sometimes called “the Black Beverly Hills“.[8] The neighborhood is characterized by hillside houses with swimming pools, and modern condominiums (the latter often jut out from steep hillsides, perched on stilts). View of Downtown and Hollywood Hills. Many famous Black celebrities live there such as Vanessa Williams, Regin


4. South Orange, New Jersey $144,000

Average home price $470,000

5. Ladera Heights, CA- $132,824  Los Angeles Metro Highest Average Average home price $1,136,400

Ladera Heights originated in the late 1940s with the development of “Old Ladera”. In the 1960s, custom homes were built in “New Ladera”. Prominent builders included Valentine and Gallant. Robert Earl, who designed many of the Valentine homes, went on to build large multimillion-dollar estates throughout Southern California and in other countries. Neighboring Fox Hills contained a beautiful golf course with rolling hills that backed up to Wooster Avenue. Valentine built Robert Earl designed homes on Wooster overlooking the Fox Hills golf course. Years later, Donald Trump asked Earl to design estate homes with panoramic views of his Palos Verdes golf course.

Baseball player Frank Robinson and other sports players began moving to Ladera Heights in the early 1970s.[3]Many celebrities have lived in Ladera Heights over the years, including Peter Vidmar (Olympic Gold 84), Vanessa Williams (Actress), Chris Darden (Attorney), Chris Strait (Comedian), Lisa Leslie and Olympia Scott (Basketball), Ken Norton (Boxing), Arron Afflalo, Tyler, The Creator (Rapper) and Byron Scott (Basketball)


6. Flossmoor, Illinois $122,000 Chicago Metro

Average home price $214,000

7. Mitchellville, MD- $118,022  D.C Metro


8. Forest Hills, Washington,D.C $116,000

9. Fort Washington, MD- $114,243  D.C Metro


10. Glenn Dale, D.C Metro $113,000

11. Kettering, MD- $107,008 D.C Metro

12. Lakeview, Long Island, NY- $117,000  New York City Metro


13. Palmer Woods, Detroit $109,000

Average home Price – $540,000

14. Birchwood Knolls, Westbury, New York  $107,000

15. Lake Kesslerwood- Charlevoix, Indianapolis

16. Cambria Heights, Queens, New York City  $100,000


Average home cost $468,000

17. Laurelton, Queens, New York City $99,000


18. University District, Detroit  $98,000

Lathrup Village, Michigan $98,000



19. Wheatley Heights, New York

20. Friendly, Maryland $82,000

21. Riverside Terrace, Houston, Texas $81,000

Average home price $514,000



22. Mount Airy, Philadelphia  $80,000

23. Washington Terrace-Kingsbury Place, Saint Louis

24. Hillcrest, New York $76,000

friendly, maryland

25. Uniondale, New York $76,000




26. Miramar, Florida $75,000  Miami Metro

27. Collier Heights, Atlanta, Georgia


28. Cascade, Atlanta, Georgia

29. Stockbridge, Georgia

30. Lake Ridge, Cedar Hill, Texas   $60,000

Average home Price – $420,000


Most expensive Black neighborhoods

  1. Ladera Heights, Los Angeles  1.1 million
  2. View Park-Windsor Hills, Los Angeles $849,000
  3. Woodmore, Maryland $600,000

Money Milestones

Money is probably the most important thing in life.

Money buys you food, a roof over your head, clothing, transportation, entertainment, it buys you an education, it provides for your family, it buys you health for when you are sick, it has the power to end life and the power to give it. We give up a vast majority of the time in our day – 8 hours or more, in pursuit of money. Who would spend their entire day trying to get something if it were not the most important thing in the world to them? Quite clearly, money is the terra and the firma of all earthly existence.

You go to college because you want a career with a good starting salary. You have more respect for a person with a good career than one who does not. We spend more time working than with our own families. We are willing to indenture ourselves to a lifetime of servitude in exchange for basic necessities.

How can anyone say that money is less important than love? Quite clearly, when our survival depends on it, and when all of our time is given away in pursuit of it, it is more important than all else.

How can anyone say that they are fine living on beans from paycheck to paycheck? Accidents and illnesses will happen, to both you and to your family. Money needs to be there for that. Your children will need day care, they will need a college education, and your parents will need nursing homes. You are expected to be a provider, and a good one.

We live in a world that runs on money. 95 percent of what you do in life depends on money. Avoid those who think money is not important. Ask you to do things without giving you adequate money. Have a lackadaisical approach towards money. Money may not buy happiness but it can buy respect, confidence, security, stability,peace of mind, dignity. The more money you have they less BS you have to deal with from society.

Survival in this world means you need to have some attribute skill or qualification or resource that will convince people that you deserve money. Here are the milestones.

$ 4,436-Account balance of Average American

$5,000 – Average Account Balance you should want if you want to live with some dignity. If you serious about finances you should never let your bank balance slip below this amount.

$6,000- Minimum amount needed to move to another city.

$8,000 – Average yearly savings of an American

$9,000 – Average salary of poorest Town in America, also 10% tax bracket

$10,000 – Average amount of at least one years rent in America.

$10,800- Average amount of wealth of Black worker in America

52 percent of U.S. workers had said they had less than $10,000 in total savings and investments, such as a 401(k) or IRA, that could be used for retirement.

$11,700 -Annual Individual Poverty Threshold

$14,000 – Minimum of you can survive without working for a year

$15,000 – Minimum of money you should have in your emergency fund

$15,300 – Average Amount of Wealth Latino has in America

$15,080- Minimum wage average annual salary

$18,000 – Minimum amount to have in a 401k

$20,000- Major Milestone for beginner savers

$22,000 – Average Cost of wedding in America

$25,000- The amount savings Rudir Ruparalia had before he started his own conglomerate.

$28,000 – Minimum of two years without working

$29,000 – Average salary for Hispanic lowest paid group in America



$30,000 – Amount of money saved before you get married (a kid is 72k for 18 years or 4k per year)

$32,000 – Amount of Tuition for private colleges

$33,000- Amount of money annual amount of money required to be considered Middle Class. Average salary of Black American

37,000 – Limit of 10% tax rate and beginning of $25% tax rate

$43,000- Average salary of White American

$50,000 – Average salary for American Also average amount someone should have saved before they have a baby

$52,000 – Asian American average Salary

$53,000 – Average salary of Someone with a Bachelor’s Degree

$54,000 – Salary starting point of someone considered to be a high earner in the UK’

$54,192 – Average Salary of Asian American male highest earning race in America.

$60,000 – Amount of Annual amount of money to be considered Upper middle class and to be considered to be prime dating material

$61,000 – Average income of America’s richest ethnic group Indian Americans

$70,000 – Minimum Salary of someone working in UN.

$72,000 – Minimum Salary of someone who is considered upper income or upper class

$75,000 – Average salary of someone with a Master’s Degree

$82,000 – Average amount of Wealth of White worker in America

$84,000 – Average salary of someone with a PHD

$85,000 – Average White Family’s home worth

$89,000 – Limit of 28% tax rate

$100,000 -Beginning of six figure income  (5%)

$110,000- Average Wealth of White Family

Amount you need to

$150,000 – Salary considered to be Rich

$186,000 – Starting at 33% Tax

$190,000 – Average cost of a house in America

$240,000 – Average household income of richest town in America

$250,000 – Average income to be considered wealthy. Average amount people would say they would need to retire.

$310,000 – Income to be considered 1%

$405,000 – End of 33% Tax

407,000 – Beginning of 40% tax rate

$ 1,000,000 – Millionaire  (3% of Americans and 1% of Black Americans)

$1,500,000 – Total sum that the average American would have worked for in lifetime

Saving goals

$10,000 – Alright, could probably survive 5-6 months without working (Only 15% of Americans have more than more than this amount in savings)  Saving score D

$20,000- Better, Could survive a year without working. Having this amount makes you a real independent adult

30,000 – Could survive two years without working could also get married, and could also immigrate to another country. (One year living with parents on regular salary job) Saving Score C

$50,000 – Could have children  (Two years living with parents on regular salary Job plus a part time job)  Saving Score B

$100,000 – Could say you are wealthy  ( Three years living with parents on regular salary job)   Saving Score A

Goals people have

  1. Own their house  $190,000
  2. Have enough money to get married  $30,000
  3. Get a car

How to be rich

  1. Stick to your goal, focus
  2. You can change but never give up
  3. Do things quickly
  4. Love what you do
  5. Understand the next right move
  6. You only have control over yourself

4 Blessings in disguise that came indirectly from Slavery to the Anglo Saxons

1. Live in the Best Countries in the world

Slavery took Blacks living in a continent mired down by Poor leadership, Corruption , Tribalism, Lack of education, Exploitation by foreigners, Dependence on Foreign Aid , Poverty, Crime, Terrorism, Wars and Conflicts, Poor infrastructure particularly electricity, Natural Disasters, Virus, Environmental diseases, Violence Towards Women, Lack of regard for rule of law, Dictatorship and lack of freedom, Government disregard for their own people, Hunger, Barbaric Tribal Customs and Practices, Slavery, Lack of Self Esteem, Lack of Business Skills, Cowardice, Laziness and lack of ambition, Jealousy and Lack of Social Support; to America, the most developed, powerful and advanced country in the world.

Image result for Wealthy Blacks


2. Stronger

Image result for Black Athletes

3. Anti miscegenation laws. Which preserved Black racial heritage for both sides. And also forced Black people to fight racism head on rather than depending on race mixing the problem away


4. Stripped them of their various African cultures and languages which were a source of violence and contention for many modified them into a more unified cultural identity

Image result for Tribalism in Kenya


This article in no way is intended to advocate against people speaking up for their rights

Hispanic is not a race it is a language and culture

One of the most common Misconception, especially in the United States is that Hispanic is a race rather than a culture or Linguistic group

More than 400 million speak Spanish Worldwide


Now the Majority of Hispanics are Mestizo 40%


Majority Mestizo – Total 180 million

A Mestizo is someone one who Half Native America/and White

Paraguay 95% Mestizo, 4% Black, 1% White 6.5 million

Paraguay is the most mixed Latin American country

Rodríguez de Francia established new laws that greatly reduced the powers of the Catholic church (Catholicism was then an established state religion) and the cabinet, forbade colonial citizens from marrying one another and allowed them to marry only blacks, mulattoes or natives, in order to break the power of colonial-era elites and to create a mixed-race or mestizo society.

Honduras 90%, 9%Black, 1% White (Honduras has the lowest percentage of Whites 1 percent)   7.3 million

Honduran people.jpg

El Salvador 86% Mestizo, 17% White, .23% Indigenous, .13% Black 5.5 million(El Salvador has the lowest percentage of Blacks at .13 percent)

Ecuador 71% Mestizo,  7% Amerindian, 7% Black, 6% White,  11.6 million

Nicaragua 69% Mestizo, 17% White, 9% Black, 5% Amerindian   4.2 million  (Amerindian 5%)

Costa Rica 65%, 8% Black, 2.4% Pure Amerindian 3.2 million

Chile 65%   11.5 million   (Amerindian 5%)

Panama   60% Mestizo (20%  Black,  12% Indigenous, 7% White, 2% Asian (Panama is probably the most multicultural Hispanic Country)


Mexico 60% Mestizo, 22%Amerindian, 17%White, 1.3%AfroMexican    72 million    (25 million)

Venezuela 51%   15.5 million  (Amerindian 3%)

Colombia 49% (35% White) (11% Black)  (3% Amerindian) (2% Middle Eastern)  23.1 million


Famous Mestizo Hispanics –


Pancho Villa

Cesar Chavez


Emiliano Zapata


Edward james Olmos


Danny Trejos


Eva Longoria


Oscar De La Hoya

Mario Lopez


Majority Amerindian – 50 million (12%)

Bolivia 65%, 30% Mestizo, 5%White, 1% Black

5.9 million

Peru 45% Amerindian, 33%Mestizo, 7%Black, 6% Black, 2% Asian   14 million


Peru people

Guatemala 42% , 41% Mestizo, 18%White, 1% Black   6.3 million

Mexico 22%    26 million

Famous Amerindian Hispanics

Benito Juarez

Evo Morales




Majority White-103 million  26%

Argentina 97%, 2% Mestizo, .37%Black  40.2 million

Uruguay 88%, 8% Mestizo, 4%Black


3.1 million ( Country with the lowest Indigenous rate)

Chile 64% 11 million 30% Mestizo, 5.7 Pure Indigenous, Other .2%




Cuba 37%  4.2 million

White Cubans

Colombia  22%  10 million

Antanas Mockus (3).jpg

Famous White Hispanics

Cameron Diaz

Che Guevara

Fidel Castro

Christina Aguillera

Ricky Martin

Oscar de La Renta

Eva Peron

Eva Perón (cropped).JPG

Pope Francis


Willy Chirino

Rosita Fornés en casa de Los Chirinos.jpg

Majority Black or Mulatto – 42 million

Dominican Republic 86%  9.2-10 million


Carnaval de Cristo Rey 2013 - Santo Domingo, República Dominicana (cristoreyenlinea - cristoreypalmundo) (92)

Cuba 62%  7 million

Black Cubans

Panama 25%,33%,or 54%  1 million

Colombia 10-25%   5-11 million


Famous Black Hispanics

Celia Cruz

Amara La Negra


Sammy Sosa

David Ortiz

Faison Love


Zoe Saldana

Christina Milian


Majority Triracial

Puerto Rico 62%   2.2 milllion


Colombia – Unknown

Venezuela – Unknown



Famous Triracial Hispanics

Hugo Chávez (02-04-2010).jpg

Sonia Sotomayor



Arab/Middle Eastern 10 million

Argentina 3.5 million  (5%)

Venezuela 1.5

Colombia 1.5 million (2%)

Mexico  1 million

Chile 800,000

Honduras 200,000 (3%)

Honduran Arabs

Famous Arab Hispanic

Carlos Slim Helu- Mexican of Lebanese descent

Shakira-Colombian of Lebanese descent

Selma Hayek – Mexican of Lebanese descent

Carlos Menem-Argentina



Antonio Baca- Salvadoran of Palestinian descent


Shafik Handal- Salvadoran of Palestinian descent




Asians   1%

1. Peru  5%   1.5 million

2. Mexico 1.2 million


3. Venezuela  500,000


4. Argentina 195,000

5. Panama 200,000


Famous Asian Hispanics

Roberto Fujimori

Harry Shum, Jr

Ana Gabriel

Ana Gabriel.jpg

Chinese Cuban





Chile (Easter Island)




Spain   46.8 million


Equatorial Guinea  1.2 million

Spanish accents

The Most Mestizo Country is – Paraguay 95% Mestizo

Image result for Asuncion Paraguay street

Whitest Country-Argentina 97% White & Spain

Image result for Buenos Aires streets

Blackest Country – Dominican Republic 86% Black & Equatorial Guinea

Image result for Santo Domingo streets


Most Native American – Bolivia 62%

Image result for La Paz Bolivia Street

Most Diverse – Panama, Colombia

Image result for Panama City Panama diverse






Spanish regional accents

  1. Mexican Spanish


2. Central American Spanish

3. Bolivarian Spanish – Colombia, Venezuela,

3. Andean Spanish – Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia

4. Chilean, Argentinan, Uruguayan Spanish

Words or colloquialism

Boludo or Pelotudo – Idiot

ll sound is replaced with sh sound

z sound is replaced with s sound


5. Caribbean Spanish

This dialect is spoken in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and along the East coast of Mexico and Central America; it is characterized by elided middle consonants and omitted final consonants, as well as an aspirated ‘r’ that is pronounced like the Portuguese ‘x.’

Strong contraction in everyday speech is common, as in “voy a” into “vuá” or “voá”, or “¿para adónde vas?” into “¿p’ónde va’?”. Another example: “Taco ‘tá ‘co’ta’o”, from “Taco está acostado” (“Taco is lying down / Taco is sleeping”).

6. Castillian Spanish

  • Lisp
  • Vosotros

Spanish dialects from Easiest to hardest

Guatemalan – Cerote (buddy)
Spanish (Spain)

Costa Rican


Puerto Rican
Chilean (a real beast)


So why do many Latino’s like to tell others that they are a race.

  1. Many Latino’s are mixed race so it is easier to identify with the cultural identity rather than the racial identity. Especially in Places like Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela where many people are triracial. Why are there so many mixed race people in Latin America, because were multiracial, that did not have antimiscegenation laws like the United States or South Africa.
  2. Many Black and Native American Latinos and hide under the Latino label because they are afraid of receiving the same level of discrimination as the local Black or Native American population.
  3. Many White Latinos hide under the Latino category because they can qualify for minority programs.

Ways to make money on side

  1. Uber average 20k part time

2. Writing for listverse

100 dollars per article Maximum ($1,000 for 10 articles)

3. Mystery shopping 100 a week

Focus groups 100 to 250 per session findfocusgroups.com

Clinical trials varies

Grade Papers

Test Scoring

Sites like ACT, the ETS Online Scoring Network, Pearson Assessments and Write Score enable educators to score student tests and essays at home as well as help develop and edit testing materials. Most of these sites require at least a two-year college degree. Actual teaching experience is preferred. The pay ranges from $8-$15/hour, but you do have steady work given to you on a weekly basis


A proofreader examines a final draft of a document, book, newspaper, or any other written communication, after it has been edited, to ensure that no errors remain. Proofreaders must have a keen eye to find spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of grammar.

  • Median Hourly Wage: $15.93
  • Hiring Outlook: Slower than average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 3% increase in jobs through 2022

Maybe about $30,000

Best paying places for ESL

  1. Hong Kong NET Program  3,000-$7,000 per month  ($36,000 to $84,000)

2. Kazakhstan NIS Program – 4,000-5000 per month ($48,000-$60,000) Annually)


3. Qatar $2,400-3,700 tax-free.

4. Saudi Arabia ($3,000 to $4,000)  $36,000-$48,000 Annually


4. Kuwait $2,262-$3,776

5. Dubai $1,962-$3,623 ($23,544-$43,475 Annually)

6. South Korea $1,976-$2,964  ($23,712-$35,568 Annually)

Requirements for getting a job in Korea are more stringent


7. Japan