30 Richest Black American neighborhoods by income

Prince George County, Maryland, DC area 2. Atlanta Southern Suburbs 3. Los Ángeles Southwest Suburbs 4. Chicago South Suburbs 5. New York Southeast Queens and inner Nassau County, and Rockland County 6. Houston Southwest Suburbs Houston does not have large “all-Black” suburbs that are typical of places like Atlanta or Washington DC. However, for those who […]

4 Blessings in disguise that came indirectly from Slavery to the Anglo Saxons

1. Live in the Best Countries in the world Slavery took Blacks living in a continent mired down by Poor leadership, many Corruption , Selfishness, Tribalism, Lack of education, Exploitation by foreigners, Dependence on Foreign Aid , Poverty, Crime, Terrorism, Wars and Conflicts, Poor infrastructure particularly electricity, Natural Disasters, Virus, Environmental diseases, Violence Towards Women, […]

Hispanic is not a race it is a language and culture

One of the most common Misconception, especially in the United States is that Hispanic is a race rather than a culture or Linguistic group More than 400 million speak Spanish Worldwide   Now the Majority of Hispanics are Mestizo 40%   Majority Mestizo – Total 180 million A Mestizo is someone one who Half Native […]

Ways to make money on side

Uber average 20k part time 2. Writing for listverse 100 dollars per article Maximum ($1,000 for 10 articles) 3. Mystery shopping 100 a week Focus groups 100 to 250 per session findfocusgroups.com Clinical trials varies Grade Papers Test Scoring Sites like ACT, the ETS Online Scoring Network, Pearson Assessments and Write Score enable educators to score student […]

Best paying places for ESL

Hong Kong NET Program  3,000-$7,000 per month  ($36,000 to $84,000) 2. Kazakhstan NIS Program – 4,000-5000 per month ($48,000-$60,000) Annually)   3. Qatar $2,400-3,700 tax-free. 4. Saudi Arabia ($3,000 to $4,000)  $36,000-$48,000 Annually   4. Kuwait $2,262-$3,776 5. Dubai $1,962-$3,623 ($23,544-$43,475 Annually) 6. South Korea $1,976-$2,964  ($23,712-$35,568 Annually) Requirements for getting a job in Korea are […]