Countries where many Blacks and Whites live together

  1. Brazil   50% Black  48% White

White make twice as much as Blacks in Brazil

($10,000) vs ($5,000)

2. United States 60% White 15% Black

Blacks make 80% of what Whites make

($43,000 ) vs   ($33,000)

3. South Africa 80% Black 10% White

Whites make 5 times more than Blacks

($35,000)   ($7,100)

4. Cuba 60% Black 40% White

Gap unknown

5. France 80% White 8% Black

Gap unknown

6. Namibia 85% Black 8%


Today’s white Namibians are the descendants of the German and South African colonisers who ruled the country from 1844 to 1990. They make up 8% of the population, but, having held on to the privileges of apartheid, control 90% of the land: 40% of this land is commercial and fenced off, and considered private property. Some of its owners are absentee European landowners who live permanently in Italy, Germany and elsewhere

Whites make 6 times more than Blacks

7. Dominican Republic 86% Black 14% White

Gap unknownProbably 6 times more however

8. Bermuda 60% Black 33% White

Blacks make 80% of what White people make

$100,000 vs $80,000

Best cars to flip

1st: Honda Accord: By far the number 1 sought after cash car in the market especially anything from 2003 to 2005 that you can sell for $5000 or below.


2nd: Toyota Camry: After the Accord everyone is looking to buy the Camry. Many individuals love this model especially those from other countries.

3rd: Chevy Equinox: Yes it might sound odd that an American vehicle has made my top 5 list but remember it’s tax season so who are you customers? Single mothers with children. They really don’t want the minivan yet because most are young so they prefer something sporty and yet have enough space for their children.

4th: Volvo XC90: There are a few other mid size imports that would jump ahead of the model but this is tax season and you are asking cash for your vehicle so what is reliable, affordable, and overall a good SUV. You can never go wrong with a Volvo.

5th: Toyota Sienna: I had to ad one minivan to the top 5 group because during tax season you will find many traditional families in need of space for a larger family and their is nothing better than a Minivan. Out of all the used van’s on the road by far the Sienna in my opinion is King. You won’t find really any Mechanical issues unlike the Honda Odyssey with transmission problems and the demand is always high for the Sienna.

There are my top 5 used cash vehicle sales based on my professional opinion. I’m curious to hear what are yours.

Places with the most Black people

If you like Black people these are the Places to go

  1. Nigeria 193 million Black people

2. Brazil 110 million Black people


3. Ethiopia 100 Million

4. Democratic Republic of the Congo

5. United States of America  50 million Blacks

Cities with the most Black people

  1. Lagos Nigeria 25 million

2. Johannesburg 15 million

3.  Kinshasha 12 million

4. New York City 7 million

5. Luanda, Angola  6.5 million Blacks


The 3 Most important purchases of your life

For the vast majority, the three largest purchases people make in their lives are buying a home, helping their children pay for college (or paying for it outright for themselves, the kids, or both), and purchasing cars (if you get two new cars — one for you and one for the spouse — every 10 years, the costs really add up.) Since your finances will be greatly impacted by the actions you take when buying these three, I thought I’d list what I consider the “best” ways to handle each of these (knowing that there may be other “best” options depending on a person’s circumstances and life goals.) Here goes:

Buying a Home

I listed my thoughts on the best way to buy a home five years ago when I posted My Formula for Buying a House. The keys:

    • Live in (or move to) a cheaper area of the country. (And after retirement, you may want to save more by retiring in a foreign country.)


    • Buy a house you can easily afford, putting at least 20% down.


    • Put extra payments into your budget.


    • Put bonuses, gifts, second job income and all other “extra” sources of money into paying off the loan.


  • Become debt free in 7-10 years.

Taking these steps allowed me to pay off my mortgage several years ago. The last time I had a mortgage payment was around 1997. Imagine what your life would be like with no mortgage payment. Yes, it’s pretty sweet.

Paying for College

Success in paying for college boils down to the same economics we face when we make any other purchase: be sure the cost is worth it — that you’ll get more out of it than you put in. If you take steps to make the most of your college degree, it’s very likely that going to college will be one of the best financial decisions you ever make. It certainly was for me.

Purchasing Cars

I like to buy new cars (click the link if you want to know why.) I can afford to do this and it’s what I prefer, so I do buy new. But if I was asked, I’d say most people would be better off buying a used car with low miles. That said, the prices used cars go for these days is making buying new not as “crazy” as it used to be.

Whether you buy new or used, here’s what I’d recommend:

    • Save up for the purchase in advance and pay cash (I’d take a 0% deal if they offered it, but most people pay the full-interest rates the car companies/banks offer. That’s a big no-no IMO.)


So, that’s my take on how to spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime. Any comments?

Things to do and not to do when buying a car

1. Starting to Shop Before You Know Your Credit Standing

One of the biggest car buying mistakes you can make before you even step foot on a lot is not checking your credit. Your credit scores will impact whether you can get approved for a car loan at all and the rates and terms banks, credit unions and dealership financing units will be able to offer you. To be sure that you are getting the best rate on your car purchase, take a look at your credit scores (you can see two of your credit scores for free every 14 days on before you start shopping. If you have some time before you need to pull the trigger and buy a car, you can do a little work to fix your credit, getting you a better rate on the loan.

If you have no credit, getting a car loan is a bit trickier, but not impossible. Car loan rates are very low right now, with many dealerships running 0% offers on new models. And car loans generally have looser credit standards than credit cards because the dealer or bank knows they can always repossess the car to get their money back if you stop paying them. This means that people with no credit can still get a car, but they’ll be paying a higher interest rate, may be required to put up a larger down payment and they may also need a cosigner with decent credit to secure financing.

2. Not Researching Online

Thanks to the Internet, car buyers have a ton of information available to them these days. Websites like Kelley Blue Book, and Edmunds all offer free information about car models, features, prices and you can even find owner ratings, car suggestions and reviews. Before you take your first test drive, you should compare cars in your price range, decide which car is right for you, and what price is fair to pay.

Once you have selected a car to purchase, be sure to get the VIN number and look up the vehicle’s history report online. It is important to check a car’s history even if it’s new. A lot can happen to a new car on the way from the factory. There have been cases of unscrupulous dealers trying to pass off vandalized or damaged cars as brand new. Plus, brand new cars damaged in floods or hurricanes often end up on the market. Avoid bad deals and lemons by doing your research online.

3. Thinking in Monthly Payments Instead of Price

A standard car dealer trick is to talk to you about a car’s cost in terms of what you are willing to pay each month instead of the actual price. This can be confusing and is often misleading because the salesperson will use the longest auto loan term available (72+ months) to calculate your possible rates. That extended loan term may seem affordable and budget-friendly when you look at just the monthly payment, but taking on a longer loan term means you’re upside down on the loan for longer, limiting your options for trading it in. A $25,000 car with a five-year loan has the same monthly payment as a $16,000 car with a three-year loan. The difference? You’ll end up paying $2,500 more in interest for the more expensive car. Go into the dealership knowing the total amount you can spend and stay below that number. (Getting pre-approved for a car loan in advance will help you stay within your budget as well.)

4. Buying Add-Ons From the Dealer

Add-ons are optional features that a dealer adds to a car. Common add-ons include undercoating, CD Stereo, alarm system, window tinting, chrome wheels, pin-striping and leather seats. These features are often overpriced and used as a way to boost the sale price of the car. Plus, it’s been shown that add-ons rarely add long-term value to your car. In some situations, such as an upgrade to a premium model, these add-ons can actually harm the resale value of a car. If you do decide that you need an add-on, check first with outside companies that may offer the service for less.

5. Not Shopping Around for Car Financing

How Much Startup Cash did the World’s billionaires need to become rich

Aliko Dangote- $3,000

The Dangote Group was established as a small trading firm in 1977. Today, it is a multi-trillion naira conglomerate with many of its operations in Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo. Dangote has expanded to cover food processing, cement manufacturing, and freight. The Dangote Group also dominates the sugar market in Nigeria and is a major supplier to the country’s soft drink companies, breweries, and confectioners. The Dangote Group has moved from being a trading company to being the largest industrial group in Nigeria including Dangote Sugar Refinery, Dangote Cement, and Dangote Flour.

In July 2012, Dangote approached the Nigerian Ports Authorities to lease an abandoned piece of land at the Apapa Port, which was approved.[9] He later built facilities for his flour company there. In the 1990s, he approached the Central Bank of Nigeria with the idea that it would be cheaper for the bank to allow his transport company to manage their fleet of staff buses, a proposal which was also approved.

In Nigeria today, Dangote Group with its dominance in the sugar market and refinery business is the main supplier (70% of the market) to the country’s soft drinks companies, breweries and confectioners.[citation needed] It is the largest refinery in Africa and the third largest in the world, producing 800,000 tonnes of sugar annually. Dangote Group owns salt factories and flour mills and is a major importer of rice, fish, pasta, cement and fertiliser. The company exports cotton, cashew nuts, cocoa, sesame seed and ginger to several countries. It also has major investments in real estate, banking, transport, textiles and oil and gas. The company employs over 11,000 people and is the largest industrial conglomerate in West Africa.




Ashish Thakkar- $5,000

At 15, after the family had returned to Uganda, Thakkar sold a laptop to his dad’s friend, triggering the realization he could be a trader. His father gave him $5,000 start-up cash, and he started flying to Dubai to buy cheap computer products, which he sold from a tiny shop in central Kampala.

He expanded his business by setting up a Dubai-based company. He later started a packaging factory in Uganda and partnered with an Indian IT services company to help them gain entry in new markets across Africa, according to his websites.

Atlas Mara


Sudhir Ruparelia – $25,000

He moved to the United Kingdom with his parents in 1972 at the age of 16, when the dictator Idi Amin expelled all Asians from Uganda. He returned to Uganda in 1985, with US$25,000 earned from several casual jobs including working in supermarkets, factories, and butcheries. Ruparelia started selling beer and spirits imported from Kenya. In 1989, beer importation was banned to encourage local brewing of alcohol and he realised he could not make beer. But since his customers, who were mainly foreigners, paid him in foreign currency, he started Crane Forex Bureau, the first in Uganda. With his profits, Ruparelia ventured into other businesses, including forming Crane Bank in 1995. Later, he organized his businesses under the umbrella of the Ruparelia Group.

Most popular Ghanaian websites

    Okay, so we’re discussing about most visited websites in Ghana and here comes the only website from Ghana that falls within the first seven. is a news website owned by Joy fm in Ghana. You can see how hungry Ghanaians are for news about their country. If you want to operate a website in Ghana and make some good money, I’ll advice you to give a news website a try, if only you can do it really well, I mean writing and searching for news.
    GhanaWeb, just like is a news website owned by a private individual, and a second most visited Ghanaian owned website.
    PeaceFmOnline is the third Ghanaian owned website and also a news website owned by Peace fm in Ghana. News, news, and more news.
  4. is one of Ghana’s popular news platform online. 24/7 news, gist, music, movies, events
  5. Tonaton is one of the largest online marketplace in Ghana that allows people to sell their own products or buy other’s products. Tonaton is a Ghanaian (Twi) word that means buy and sell. It’s current competitor is

Biggest Social Climbers

  1. Melania Trump  (Husbands net worth – $ 10 billion)


2. Wendy Deng husband net worth $ 10 billion

Born in Jinan, Shandong, she was the third wife of News Corporation chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, who filed for divorce from her in June 2013.[4] Deng’s debut in the media came with Fox TV, and she was subsequently offered an internship at Star TV in Hong Kong, part of News Corporation.

In 1987 she met an American businessman and his wife, Jake and Joyce Cherry,[10] who had temporarily relocated to China and helped build a refrigerator factory.[10] She studied English with Joyce.[10] In 1988, she abandoned her medical studies and traveled to the United States to study, with Jake and Joyce Cherry sponsoring her student visa[10](Jake later became Deng’s first husband). She enrolled at California State University, Northridge, where she studied economics and was among the top students.[10][11] She received a bachelor’s degree in economics from California State University at Northridge and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

When Deng was living with Jake and Joyce Cherry during Deng’s studies in the United States, Joyce Cherry discovered her husband, Jake, was having an affair with Deng, who was 30 years his junior, and demanded Deng leave the house. Jake Cherry soon followed and moved in with Deng,[10] and the two married in 1990.[9] Their marriage lasted 2 years 7 months before they were legally divorced,[10] but Jake would later explain they stayed together for only four or five months,[9] when he learned that Deng was spending time with David Wolf, a man closer to her age.[9] Nonetheless, she had been able to secure a green card through her marriage to Cherry.[9][10]

In 1997 she met Rupert Murdoch, who was 37 years her senior, while working as the only Chinese executive at the Murdoch-owned Star TV in Hong Kong.[20] They married in 1999[21] on board his yacht “Morning Glory”.[22] less than three weeks after the finalisation of his divorce from his second wife, Anna Murdoch. Following the marriage, she was branded a “gold digger” by sources close to Murdoch, including family members.[23][24][25] The couple had two children, Grace (born 2001) and Chloe (born 2003). Tony Blair is Grace Murdoch’s godfather.[26] In June 2013, Murdoch filed for divorce from Deng, citing irreconcilable differences.[4]

On February 5, 2014, The Daily Telegraph published a report claiming Deng had a crush on Tony Blair, leading to her divorce from Murdoch. The report stated that Murdoch began to hear rumors about his wife in 2012 and is said to have interviewed staff members at his various homes to ask them what they had seen. According to the newspaper, Murdoch learned that Blair had visited Deng at Murdoch’s Carmel ranch on more than one occasion. Blair allegedly spent the weekend of April 27, 2013, with Deng at the property. Other sources are quoted as placing Blair and Deng at The Carlyle in New York, on a private yacht, and at Murdoch’s home in London.[27] Deng’s letter to herself, in which she described her torment in missing Blair – published by Vanity Fair in February 2014 – raised speculation that there was more to Deng’s relationship with Blair than friendship.[28] It is this letter that was said to be the last straw for Murdoch to separate from his wife of 14 years, reports said.[29] As a result of Murdoch’s suspicion that Blair had an affair with Deng, he ended his long-standing association with Blair in 2014.[30]

In March 2016, Deng was alleged to have been in a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, no credible sources or proof of this claim exists.[31][32]


3. Anna Nicole Smith  husband net worth $ 1 billion

When Smith was only 24 years old she was just an unknown stripper struggling to get by; J. Howard Marshall, on the other hand, was a billionaire in the oil industry, and when the two met, she knew she had an opportunity that was too good to pass up: the only problem about Marshall was that he was darn near 90 years old at the time.

It was pretty obvious to Marshall’s family what Smith’s true intentions were with their relationship, and unsurprisingly he passed away less than a year after the two tied the knot. After a long legal battle regarding Howard’s estate, Smith won a significant portion of the money, but not the $800 million that she thought she was entitled to. Smith went on to become an actress, model, and spokesperson for weight loss supplements, before passing away at the age of 39 from a drug overdose. Apparently when you can afford as many drugs as you want it becomes a bit more difficult controlling your urges: be careful what you wish for, Anna.

4. Arianna Huffington

5. Megan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

6. Elin Nordegren

7. Kevin Federline




Trump’s Properties

The real estate mogul, who’s been showboating about his alleged $10 billion net worth for weeks, has a string of private mansions, both in New York and across the country, that could give the White House a run for its money.

Read on for a closer look at Trump’s long list of homes.

Trump's most famous home is his three-story penthouse high atop the Trump Tower in New York City

1. Trump’s personal penthouse

Trump spends most of his time at Trump Tower, the massive Fifth Ave. building that’s home to both the offices of his business empire and his own personal residence, a three-level penthouse designed to look like the Palace of Versailles. The huge pad, which has almost unparalleled views of Central Park, is decked out in typical Trump style, with 24-carat cold and diamond accents, hoards of marble and detailed, hand-painted ceiling murals.

The opulent residence, at 725 Fifth Ave., is one of the most valuable in New York City and would likely sell for up to $100 million if it were to come on the market today, experts said.

Trump Parc East at 100 Central Park South

Trump Parc East at 100 Central Park South


DNP; Exported.;

Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago, the estate of Donald Trump, in Palm Beach, Fla.


3. Mar-A-Lago

It’s the ultimate Palm Beach palace.

One of Trump’s most prized assets is perhaps the Mar-a-Lago country club, a 17-acre property with a 20,000-square-foot ballroom, that was formerly used as a private mansion but is now used as a hotel.

The property, where celebrities such as Oprah, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion have all stayed, also played host to multiple Trump weddings, including Eric Trump and Lara Yunask’s 2014 nuptials.

It’s said to be worth in excess of $250 million, just short of the $317 million valuation of the White House.

2. Trump Parc and Trump Park Ave.As if one palatial Manhattan penthouse wasn’t enough, Trump has close to 40 other Manhattan apartments to call his own.Back when he was still known for building properties from scratch, the property titan built a string of high-end Manhattan condo buildings, including Trump Parc at 106 Central Park South and Trump Park Avenue at 502 Park Ave.Most of the units in those buildings sold long ago but Trump did have the good sense to hang on to a few — about 40, in fact, across the two buildings. He’s since rented them out, some for as much as $100,000 a month. Daughter Ivanka has a pad at Trump Park Ave., which she shares with hubbie Jared Kushner and children Arabella and Joseph.

The bet paid off.

Trump just sold one of the penthouses at Trump Park Avenue for $21 million, according to recent reports.

An ariel view of Seven Springs

An ariel view of Seven Springs


4. Seven Springs

Trump also owns a grand private summer retreat in Bedford, N.Y., with 60 rooms, two servants wings, 15 bedrooms, three pools including one cased in Italian marble, a bowling alley and 230 acres of land.

He originally purchased the property, known as Seven Springs, for $7.5 million in 1996 with a view to transforming it into another Trump-branded golf course but ultimately dropped the plans. There are currently approvals to build 14 other homes on the estate, but Trump has not made use of them so far.

Instead, the Trump family uses the property as a retreat from the city, riding ATVs, going on hikes and fishing. Trump also reportedly allowed Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi to stay in a tent there while attending the UN Summit, when no hotels would have him.

The main house, which was built by late Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer, dates back to 1919.

Trump owns onetime socialite Patricia Kluge's former estate in rural Virginia

Trump owns onetime socialite Patricia Kluge’s former estate in rural Virginia


5. The Kluge Estate

Should Trump feel the urge to head south, he can stay at Trump Vineyard Estates, a 2,000-acre property he owns in Charlottesville, Va.

The huge property, which comprises a 23,000-square-foot mansion and a working winery and vineyard, was formerly owned by German-born entrepreneur John Kluge, formerly the richest person in America.

Trump snagged the property for a bargain $14.4 million after Kluge’s widow, Patricia Kluge, defaulted on her loans and Bank of America took control of the home.

Trump first acquired the front and back yards that then held the bank over a barrel in order to get the best price for the house itself. He let the yards become overgrown and then erected “No Trespassing” signs all over the lawns in order to deter other would-be buyers and get the best price from the bank.


Donald Trump has been known to spend time on the west coast


6. Beverly Hills abode

When he’s out west, Trump can head to his six-bedroom, five-bathroom Colonial-style mansion on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It has a flood-lit tennis court, a pool, a spa, a library and media room, marble floors, original moldings and a dramatic curving staircase fit for a movie-star entrance.

7. Trump White House

Trump’s Development

Trump Hotel Las Vegas

Washington, D.C Trump International Hotel





Trump Hotel Panama

Trump Hotel Dubai

Trump Hotel Toronto

Trump Hotel Vancouver

Trump Tower Vancouver, August 2016.jpg