Trump’s Properties

The real estate mogul, who’s been showboating about his alleged $10 billion net worth for weeks, has a string of private mansions, both in New York and across the country, that could give the White House a run for its money.

Read on for a closer look at Trump’s long list of homes.

Trump's most famous home is his three-story penthouse high atop the Trump Tower in New York City

1. Trump’s personal penthouse

Trump spends most of his time at Trump Tower, the massive Fifth Ave. building that’s home to both the offices of his business empire and his own personal residence, a three-level penthouse designed to look like the Palace of Versailles. The huge pad, which has almost unparalleled views of Central Park, is decked out in typical Trump style, with 24-carat cold and diamond accents, hoards of marble and detailed, hand-painted ceiling murals.

The opulent residence, at 725 Fifth Ave., is one of the most valuable in New York City and would likely sell for up to $100 million if it were to come on the market today, experts said.

Trump Parc East at 100 Central Park South

Trump Parc East at 100 Central Park South


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Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago, the estate of Donald Trump, in Palm Beach, Fla.


3. Mar-A-Lago

It’s the ultimate Palm Beach palace.

One of Trump’s most prized assets is perhaps the Mar-a-Lago country club, a 17-acre property with a 20,000-square-foot ballroom, that was formerly used as a private mansion but is now used as a hotel.

The property, where celebrities such as Oprah, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion have all stayed, also played host to multiple Trump weddings, including Eric Trump and Lara Yunask’s 2014 nuptials.

It’s said to be worth in excess of $250 million, just short of the $317 million valuation of the White House.

2. Trump Parc and Trump Park Ave.As if one palatial Manhattan penthouse wasn’t enough, Trump has close to 40 other Manhattan apartments to call his own.Back when he was still known for building properties from scratch, the property titan built a string of high-end Manhattan condo buildings, including Trump Parc at 106 Central Park South and Trump Park Avenue at 502 Park Ave.Most of the units in those buildings sold long ago but Trump did have the good sense to hang on to a few — about 40, in fact, across the two buildings. He’s since rented them out, some for as much as $100,000 a month. Daughter Ivanka has a pad at Trump Park Ave., which she shares with hubbie Jared Kushner and children Arabella and Joseph.

The bet paid off.

Trump just sold one of the penthouses at Trump Park Avenue for $21 million, according to recent reports.

An ariel view of Seven Springs

An ariel view of Seven Springs


4. Seven Springs

Trump also owns a grand private summer retreat in Bedford, N.Y., with 60 rooms, two servants wings, 15 bedrooms, three pools including one cased in Italian marble, a bowling alley and 230 acres of land.

He originally purchased the property, known as Seven Springs, for $7.5 million in 1996 with a view to transforming it into another Trump-branded golf course but ultimately dropped the plans. There are currently approvals to build 14 other homes on the estate, but Trump has not made use of them so far.

Instead, the Trump family uses the property as a retreat from the city, riding ATVs, going on hikes and fishing. Trump also reportedly allowed Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi to stay in a tent there while attending the UN Summit, when no hotels would have him.

The main house, which was built by late Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer, dates back to 1919.

Trump owns onetime socialite Patricia Kluge's former estate in rural Virginia

Trump owns onetime socialite Patricia Kluge’s former estate in rural Virginia


5. The Kluge Estate

Should Trump feel the urge to head south, he can stay at Trump Vineyard Estates, a 2,000-acre property he owns in Charlottesville, Va.

The huge property, which comprises a 23,000-square-foot mansion and a working winery and vineyard, was formerly owned by German-born entrepreneur John Kluge, formerly the richest person in America.

Trump snagged the property for a bargain $14.4 million after Kluge’s widow, Patricia Kluge, defaulted on her loans and Bank of America took control of the home.

Trump first acquired the front and back yards that then held the bank over a barrel in order to get the best price for the house itself. He let the yards become overgrown and then erected “No Trespassing” signs all over the lawns in order to deter other would-be buyers and get the best price from the bank.


Donald Trump has been known to spend time on the west coast


6. Beverly Hills abode

When he’s out west, Trump can head to his six-bedroom, five-bathroom Colonial-style mansion on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It has a flood-lit tennis court, a pool, a spa, a library and media room, marble floors, original moldings and a dramatic curving staircase fit for a movie-star entrance.

7. Trump White House

Trump’s Development

Trump Hotel Las Vegas

Washington, D.C Trump International Hotel





Trump Hotel Panama

Trump Hotel Dubai

Trump Hotel Toronto

Trump Hotel Vancouver

Trump Tower Vancouver, August 2016.jpg

Most influential or great Black Americans of All Time

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr

2. Barack Obama

When Barack Obama was elected the first African-American president of the United States in November 2008, “never in my lifetime” was the popular refrain, especially among older African-Americans from the Jim Crow South who remembered grandparents who had been enslaved. Obama’s mixed race background (Kenyan father, white Midwestern mother), Ivy League pedigree (Columbia, Harvard Law), community activism on Chicago’s tough South Side as well as stints as an Illinois and U.S. senator, made him uniquely qualified to guide the nation in a more multiracial and globally-dependent 21st century.

Engaging the youth, Obama, heavily assisted by social media, made “Yes, we can” more than a campaign slogan. As POTUS, he’s been confronted with Tea Party politics full of racist undertones and blamed for spillover from George W. Bush’s presidency. Still, the President, wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha represent African-Americans at their best every day.

3. Oprah Winfrey

4. Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey A visionary pan-African leader and thinker. A practical man, he could have united all blacks if he had not been jailed.

5. Malcolm X

6. Frederick Douglas

7. Claude Anderson

8. Thurgood Marshall-

Using the law to serve African Americans, Thurgood Marshall tried many cases before the Supreme Court, winning 29 out of 32 actually. Still, none have been more critical than 1954’s landmark Brown v. Board victory overturning the Plessy v. Ferguson decision that had legally sanctioned a “separate but equal” doctrine since 1896. A 1933 graduate of the Howard University School of Law, the Baltimore native’s action was deliberate as he followed his teacher and mentor Charles Hamilton Houston to the NAACP where they launched the strategic plan to topple Jim Crow one legal challenge at time, slowly chipping away at its infrastructure.

Appointed the nation’s first African-American Supreme Court Justice in 1967 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, Marshall expanded his role in righting the Constitution in the very hall that he had challenged it, ensuring that liberty and equality applied to all Americans until his retirement in 1991.

9. Neely Fuller

10. Frances Cress Welsing






Fees And Other Extras

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Do not fall for any fees offered after you have finished negotiating a sales price. Anything that someone like an insurance manager or finance manager tries to sneak in after the price has been confirmed is unnecessary.

Dealer Financing

Do not finance through the dealer that is selling you the vehicle. Before looking at new cars, find your own financing. Dealers will sometimes offer customers a certain APR but in reality, a customer pays a whole percentage point higher. The dealer ends up keeping the difference. Secure your own financing before even looking at cars. It will be less expensive.

Do Not Give Up A Check

When a salesperson asks for a check to take to his manager to show him that you are serious, walk out and find another dealer. It’s amazing how many of those checks get “lost.”



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Most influential African Leaders of All Time

  1. Nelson Mandela

2. Kwame Nkrumah – Former president of Ghana. He envisaged the African Union long before it became a reality. His footprints
are still blueprint for us to follow.


3. Hailie Selassie

4. Mansa Musa

5. Aliko Dangote

6. Menelik II

7. Kofi Annan – Kofi Annan UN secretary general. Africa’s greatest diplomat of all time. He is handling the reforms at the UN in a calm and effi cient way.

Best new bank accounts to open

Citi $300 Bonus – No Direct Deposit Required

Direct link to bonus

There was a bonus for $400 with less strict requirements in the past but given that this $300 bonus has been extended I’m not sure we will see the $400 bonus again. It’s also worth noting that you can get the bonus again if you haven’t held a Citi account within the past 60 days, so this bonus is effectively churnable. You also need to be able to deposit $15,000.

Countries with the most wealth

Real assets, mainly housing, were found to make up 60 per cent of household wealth

Read more:
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  1. Switzerland   $500,000

2. Australia  200,000

3. Norway  150,000

4. Luxembourg  150,000

5. United States  $100,000

6. Sweden   90,000

7.France    90,000

8. Singapore  90,000

9. Belgium  80,000

10. Denmark   78,000


Best things to when buying a car

  1. Vehicle History Report

    A vehicle history report can you help you reveal title problems, ownership history, service points and previous accidents, large or small. These reports can be available from dealers or ordered online. CARFAX offers one of the most comprehensive car reports available to purchase, which is pulled from a database of more than six billion car records.
  2. Decode the VIN

    Checking a VIN decoder chart is a quick, easy, and free way to check a used car’s VIN info matches up with what’s in the vehicle title and records. VIN cloning is a scam where sellers replace the VIN of a stolen car with one that is legally registered. This type of fraud can easily be avoided by decoding the VIN of the vehicle in question.

  3. The Leak Test

    Any car that is leaking fluids is a red flag for a needed repair. While you’re on a test drive, take a moment to park in a clean area on the road, and let the car run for at least 30 seconds. Then, move the car and do a visible inspection for any leaking substances. Black fluid might be an indicator of leaking oil, green fluid may indicate a leak in anti-freeze, and pink fluid may indicate a leak in the transmission.

  4. Research Price

    To ensure that you are being charged a fair price, make sure to compare prices for the same make, model and year with several sources. Checking the Blue Book values and dealer prices can easily be done online. Even though condition and mileage will play a role in price, you can still get a good ballpark figure of the going price.

Things people need to understand about money and the laws of money



  1. Money is not a means to happiness, money is a means to not having to deal with B.S
  2. Apart from loved ones, people are not going to give you money because they feel sorry for you, they are going to give you money because they need you or because they like what you are doing.
  3. Extroverts make more money, because they are people person’s and it is people that give you money. In Fact Extroverts make on average $10,000 more than introverts. The Problem with introverts is that they are too shy(cowardly), emotionally fragile, slow in thinking things over, and worrying about pleasing people. If you struggle with these problems try to be an ambivert

Laws of money

  1. Be transparent when handling other people’s money
  2. Don’t wait to make money.
  3. Never lend money to someone without taking collateral, be upfront with people about money policy