Most transformed African countries

1. Rwanda


According to the World Economic Forum, Rwanda is now Africa’s safest nation and the ninth-safest in the world.

The rest of the world is watching with interest. Marriott recently chose Kigali as the location for its first Sub-Saharan property, and other recent openings in the capital include a Park Inn by Radisson

Second best road quality

The country is ranked second best in Africa (with a score of 5.0) to have the best roads. According to the report, the country has made a large investment in the transport infrastructure with aid from China, Japan, the European Union, among others.

Nonetheless, the government has announced moves to invest more in transport infrastructure in order to “plug domestic road network gaps and stimulate economic growth.” Paul Kagame is the country’s current president.

Highest representation of women

Women hold 64% of seats in Rwanda’s parliament, which is more than any other country in the world. The female majority has ensured that laws aimed at raising the status of women are at the forefront of political discourse.

Africas cleanest city
2. Angola

3. Tanzania

4. Ethiopia


5. Kenya


6. Equatorial Guinea


7. Ghana


8. Senegal


9. Mozambique




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