Likeable and respectable traits

1. They honest, they are themselves


Human connection only works if there is honesty. It doesn’t work if we are trying to be something we aren’t.You feel open – whether you feel good or not.

Connecting with others often feels good. But this is actually not always true. Feeling enough trust with someone to share a sad experience or something you are upset about can be a very strong way of connecting with someone as well.


2. Being confident


3. Be willing to say what people are afraid to say


4. Helpful


No one really cares about your achievements unless they help people in a way

5. Ask for help

The fact likable people never hesitate toask for help is one of their most charming qualities. And for good reason. “Think about this: If you had a friend who never, ever needed you in any way, would you be able to consider them as a close friend? Allowing someone to give to you is a gift,” dating and relationship coach Bobbi Palmertells Bustle. “It shows that you trust and value them in your life.”

5. Complimenting people


6. Have interesting stories, know whats going on

7. Ask the right questions

New people

-Where are you from?

People you sort of know

-Anything interesting happen today

-Anything your looking forward to

8. Laugh,

9. Curiosity

10. Clear communicators



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