9 Smartest African groups

1. Nigerian Igbos

descarga (3)


Started Nollywood, Afrobeats, Innosun Motors high education rate, good business men

The Igbos) Being more hardworking and energetic by nature than the other Nigerians………But there is no doubt that Ibo men are the hardest workers in Nigeria, and their women among the most charming and the most intelligent. They are neither mentally nor physically lazy, and have shown themselves to have IQs as high as any race or group anywhere in the world’………..Many expatriates have found the Ibos easier to work with than the men of other tribes in Nigeria. I, myself, found them very pleasant work companions. They had a greater capacity for hard work than most and could grasp the significance of what they were doing very quickly. They often made first-class research workers’.

2. Nigerian Yorubas


3. Ghanaians


First country to be independent, Kantanka motors, Good fashion designers, educational hub


4. Zimbabweans


Highest literacy rate,

5. Senegalese


6. Kenyan


7. South African

Global Industry Outlook 1: Patrice T. Motsepe


8. Ethiopians

Own alot of restaurants

9. Rwandans






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