Problems that come with loneliness



I’m lonely. Ive moved to a new city, and have not made any in the almost two years that Ive. I hate having to inte

I feel ugly, and people dont want to talk to you when you are unnattractive, alot of times they dont take you seriously, and sometimes look at you with disdain.

Im alone 95 percent of the time.

Tons of acquaintances no friends

1. Inabilty to connect with people

Why- Feel like taken advantage of, scared-Scared of confrontation, afraid of being embarrased, bad at keeping in touch.

One on one-

How does it feel to be lonely

1. Things seem overwhelming as hell

2. You stop giving a damn

3. You dont have much to live for

4. Other people begin to confuse you

5. You worry alot

6. Poverty

7. Ignorance

8. Health problems 21% of life span

9. Lack of help

10. Lack of motivation

11. When Iam by myself, I feel like a balloon without air. Iam the laziest person in the world.

12. Feel like nothing you do matters, feel worthless.

13. Cant focus or concentrate for shit.

14. Worst part of being lonely, trying to act like everything is ok, when you feel like you are dying on the inside hurting down to your toes

What would I do if I had friends

– Get shopping advice,

-Beat video game

– Workout together

-Maybe travel together

People who arent arrogant and judgemental

People who are not afraid of intruding

People who can teach me something

6. Inability to share your thoughts


Why you havent been able to overcome

1. Youre too comfortable

2. Internet is the biggest contributor to loneliness

3. Fit in with people who are like minded. Life doesnt revolve around if you like me or not


What to say.

I hate solo travel, it is one of the worst things ever. Solo travel is like eating chocolate without sugar, something that should be fun and enjoyable, but is not because, why you dont have that special ingredient.

I havent had a conversation in days. No one to share my thoughts feelings and opinions with, or to learn anything from. To the point I want to go mad, and just start talking to myself. Yeah, that is pure fun.

The thing I hate the most, getting yelled at for asking simple questions.









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