Suburban Blacks vs Ghetto Blacks

Suburban Blacks = 40%


Positives of Suburban Blacks
1. Smart educated, live a lifestyle similar to Middle or Upper Middle Class White people
2. Very peaceful
3. More studius and hard working
4. More likely to associate with people from other races.

Examples-Obamas, Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Family Matters


1. Considered to be weak
2. The men are not seen as masculine.
3. Seen as boring

Ghetto Blacks = 60%


Positives of Ghetto Blacks

1. Colorful, very expressive, interesting
2. Very good at dancing
3. Talented musicians
4. Very good athletes
5. Dont care


1. Violent
2. Lazy
3. Anti Intellectual
4. NonBlacks are terrified of them.
5. Terrible family structure



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