Jobs with the most vacation days off

1. Reality TV Judges – 30 weeks a year  (7 months)

X factor
Strictly Come Dancing Factor judges have amazing holiday – I’m in! (Photo: PA)

The Deal : Sit through some auditions, then it’s 14 weeks’ work, 8 more for the live tour (if you go) and put your feet up until next year.

The Downside : They sometimes make you do “specials” over Christmas or for charity. Frequently required to work weekends.

Any extras? On some shows you get to go on holiday as part of your ‘judging’ – although you have to take people you don’t know very well with you.

2. MPs (and a lot of other people who work in Parliament) – 25 weeks   (5 months)

25 weeks off AND we've just voted to give ourselves a pay rise!
25 weeks off AND we’ve just voted to give ourselves a pay rise! (Photo: PA)

The Deal : Once they get back from their 6-week holiday for the election, Parliament will go on recess from July 22 to September 1 (10 weeks); then again from September 12 to October 13 (4 weeks); then again from November 11 to 17; and a break over Christmas from December 18 to January 5 (3 weeks); and then again from February 12 to 23 (2 more weeks).

The downside : Job security isn’t exactly great – and while Parliament is in “recess”, you’re frequently expected to do “Constituency work”, be at “conference” or “campaigning”.

Any extras? The pension for 5-years’ work is excellent.

3. Teachers – 13 weeks  (3 months)

Erwin Schrodinger (1887-1961) founded wave mechanics, creating Schrodinger's equation
And this is the equation I use to find cheap hotels in the school holidays (Photo: Getty Images)

The Deal : A long break for summer, then shorter ones for Easter and Christmas. Plus, if that’s too stressful, extra weeks off in the middle of the main work periods.

The downside : They’re always in the school holidays, so going away is expensive

Any extras? You’re generally out of work by 5



4. Footballers – 10 weeks

Score! 10 weeks off!
Score! 10 weeks off! (Photo: Action Images / Matthew Childs)

The Deal : You’re off work from the end of May until August. This year Premier League clubs have no fixtures at all between May 24 and August 8. That’s 10 weeks free and easy .

The downside : Sometimes you’re made to play “friendlies” or for your country during your holiday. You also have to work over Christmas. Your working career is also relatively short.

Any extras? Plenty of opportunity for second jobs in advertising, merchandising and television while playing.


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