The Most Dullest U.S Major Cities

  1. Indianapolis

Amid endless cornfields, fast-food chains, ignorant rednecks, and warehouses with $9 an hour jobs, you’ll find Indianapolis, the crossroads of America or America’s truck stop. A fine place to fill up your gas tank. he 3rd largest Midwest city by population (after Chicago and Detroit) and largest by land area. It is not exactly a city for urban enthuseists. It is very dull and lackluster by most standards when comparing it to either coast. No mountains, not even hills. Nothing but corn not far outside the city (typical of the Corn Belt). No water. No beaches. No oceans. No diversity. No culture. No nightlife. Forbes Magazine ranked Indy the worst American city for singles based on this sad fact. Not many opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. No sidewalks, bikepaths or greenspace. Therefore, too many people are fat and unhealthy. People are too antiquated and narrowminded to accept changing ANYTHING in the area, and that includes possibly getting lightrail, even if it is for the good of the area. No public transportation due to the exessive use of automobiles by residents. The city only has a mediocre bus-only system with few routes and no evening service. People cannot take direct routes because they have to “transfer” downtown. No mass transit or lightrail. Forget about getting it. It will never happen. The poor maintanence of roads is also a problem. Many heavily used city streets are too narrow and needed to be widened years ago. Too many potholes. As freeway congestion increases, the city has done next to NOTHING in relieving the stress. At most, one can expect added travel lanes, HOV lanes or extra freeway exits but that’s it. The city can have poor air quality created by too many polluting cars on the raod and a lack of hybrid engines by its city and school buses. No street lamps. A high number of foreclosures but not as bad as in the Sun Belt. A slumbering skyline that has gone nowhere since 1990, when the Chase Tower was completed.

Property taxes are also very high. The people are also ignorant. Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) has the 2nd highest number of dropouts in the country. The city is way behind in technology, but instead tax dollars are spent on useless things like new stadiums just to shown off to other cities. Go to somewhere like a Seattle school, and everyone has iPods and PDAs. Go to Indy, and the people with iPods and PDAs get theirs stolen

Indy, for some reason, calls itself a world-class city but has NOTHING to constitute one. It wont be world-class ‘till Cincinnati, Louisville and Columbus are. In fairness, Indy has come a long way in reinventing itself but needs to be much more aggressive in its efforts to be more lively. Part of the reason is that it has not marketed itself very well. Until that happens, it will forever deserve its Naptown image.

2. Charlotte


3. Des Moines

A city that is also so small that it takes only 10 minutes to drive through the entire city. Des Moines is not really known worldly or throughout the country for much of anything. Probably the most boring city you’d ever visit with “skycrapers” that (the tallest) is only 400ft tall. Des Moines is a place you go to only if you have to and still you don’t want to go there.

4. Little Rock

5. Columbus

6. Bakersfield Population: 315,837

Bakersfield is one of a number of inland California cities that owe what little media scrutiny they received to the region’s devastating housing bubble. Others on the list include Stockton, Fresno and Modesto.

7. Sacramento 485,199

8. Lubbock

9. Jacksonville

10. Dallas


Most of the people in Dallas who are from Dallas are very settled. There is really no “night life”. I have been out at 11 p.m. and past and have literally been the only car on the road in Dallas. Creepy. No other cars. People go in and shut their doors and that is it.


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