Countries where many Blacks and Whites live together

  1. Brazil   50% Black  48% White

White make twice as much as Blacks in Brazil

($10,000) vs ($5,000)

2. United States 60% White 15% Black

Blacks make 80% of what Whites make

($43,000 ) vs   ($33,000)

3. South Africa 80% Black 10% White

Whites make 5 times more than Blacks

($35,000)   ($7,100)

4. Cuba 60% Black 40% White

Gap unknown

5. France 80% White 8% Black

Gap unknown

6. Namibia 85% Black 8%


Today’s white Namibians are the descendants of the German and South African colonisers who ruled the country from 1844 to 1990. They make up 8% of the population, but, having held on to the privileges of apartheid, control 90% of the land: 40% of this land is commercial and fenced off, and considered private property. Some of its owners are absentee European landowners who live permanently in Italy, Germany and elsewhere

Whites make 6 times more than Blacks

7. Dominican Republic 86% Black 14% White

Gap unknownProbably 6 times more however

8. Bermuda 60% Black 33% White

Blacks make 80% of what White people make

$100,000 vs $80,000

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