Dropped the Ball: Places that could have been Black meccas but are Places Of Dissappointment instead

  1. Salvador Brazil

Salvador is 80% Black, it is the largest Black majority city outside of Africa, and it is known as Black Rome, it had the potential to be the Atlanta of Brazil, But is a city of high crime and poverty, Salvador and the state of Bahia are both 80% have never had a Black mayor or Governor, with politics being controlled or influenced by the powerful Magalhaes family

2. Detroit

Detroit is about 85% Black, but the majority of the money and business is in the hands of NonBlacks. In Detroit there 183 gas stations, and only 3 of them are owned by Blacks.

3. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is the fifth largest city and the largest Black majority city in Colombia at 70%. Yet Blacks there have almost no political or economic power.

4. New Orleans

New Orleans is about 60% Black, It has a rich Black culture, but is plagued by high crime and poverty. Black New Orleans has not capitalized on selling its rich culture as a tourism point which could boost its economy.



5. Saint Louis

Saint Louis is 51%


6. Santo Domingo

A beautiful city, that was the site of the first Black slaves to the New World, is now a place destroyed by colorism and self hatred.

Santo Domingo 926263_731267106922154_1494044073_n


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