Richest neighborhoods in the Caribbean

  1. Hamilton, Bermuda

2. Platinum Coast, Barbados

Platinum Coast

3. Clearwater Bay, Barbados

Clearwater Bay

4. Saint Clair, Port of Spain

St Clair

3. Palmiste, Port of Spain, Trinidad



4. Goodwood Park, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Goodwood Park

5. Piatini, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Piantini is in particular populated by individuals from the upper class. This district or neighborhood has the lowest poverty rate in the city of Santo Domingo: 0.9%;[2][nb 1] and has the second most expensive price per in the country, after Los CacicazgosAnacaona Avenue.[3]

6. Los Cacicazgos, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

7. Cherry Gardens, Jamaica

Cherry Gardens

8. Stony Hill, Jamaica

Stony Hill

9. Mandeville, Jamaica



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