10 Most and least diversified economies

  1. Japan

Japan Export Treemap.jpg

2. Switzerland

3. Germany

4. Sweden

5. The United States

6. South Korea

7. Finland

8. Singapore

9. Czech Republic

10. Austria

Least Diversified

  1. Angola

Tree map export 2009 Angola.jpeg

2. Venezuela  93% Oil

Venezuela Export Treemap.png

2. Sudan

Sudan Export Treemap.png

3. Congo

Tree map export 2009 Congo.jpeg

4. Guinea

Tree map exports 2009 Equatorial Guinea.jpeg

5. Nigeria

Nigeria treemap.png

6. Gabon

Gabon Export Treemap.jpg

7. Libya

Libya treemap.png

8. Iran

Iran Export Treemap.jpg

9. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Export Treemap.jpg

10. Kuwait

Kuwait Export Treemap.jpg


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