Hillary vs Donald and why Sensible Blacks shouldn’t care

Hillary Versus Donald

Black perspective

Donald Trump

4 Blessings in Disguise

  1. Fix Illegal Immigrant Problem
  2. Not allow more potentially racist Muslim refugees into the country
  3. End H1B Visa
  4. Could make Blacks more serious and resilient



  1. Could embolden White racists
  2. Could be lying about reforms



Hillary Clinton


  1. Foster environment of Liberalism
  2. Continue liberal policies of her husband




  1. Afraid to even call illegal immigrants, illegal
  2. allow more Muslim refugees into the country
  3. End H1B Visa
  4. Could make Blacks less serious and vigilant


If Hillary Clinton wins it officially represent the neutering of conservatism in America


Anyways none of this matters, what should matter to Black voters, or what should Black voters should ask. Here is the list of demands.

Number 1 – We don’t want anything symbolic, ceremonious, or symptomatic. We want tangible, measurable outfits, in terms of resources, and things we can count.

Number 2 – Blacks are put into a protected class like women and Native Americans, that they get benefits at first cut, and that affirmative action plans should only be specific to Black Americans, and not other fabricated oppressed minorities or groups. That are getting benefits instead of Blacks

Number 3 – Industrialize the major Black Urban areas, and build factories, and businesses that Black people can own. Set up pools of money where BLack people can borrow money on low

Number 4 – Black people would get back the money that was stolen out of the Freedman’s Banks in 1872

Number 5 – Immigrants would pay a special tax when coming into this country, and that tax would go into the Black community.

Blacks voters need to hold everybody accountable who will not support Black causes.




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