Best Places for Black people to Learn Portuguese/Os Melhores Lugares para aprender portugues

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2. Luanda, Angola


3. Lisbon, Portugal

4. Salvador, Brazil

5. Sao Paulo, Brazil

6. Maputo, Mozambique

7. Praia, Cape Verde


8. Curitiba

9. Brasillia

10. Balneauriu Camboiriu

Balneário Camboriú

Richest Portuguese speaking cities

  1. Brasillia $35,000

2. Lisbon $19,000

50% of people who speak Portuguese are Black

Best Black Majority Portuguese Speaking Societies

  1. Luanda
  2. Salvador
  3. Rio de Janeiro
  4. Manaus
  5. Maputo

Portuguese Media

Rede Globo –

Globo is the largest commercial TV network in South America and the second-largest commercial TV network in annual revenue worldwide just behind the American ABC Television Network[3] and the largest producer of telenovelas.[4]






Jobs you can do

Portuguese Translators

  1. Boston
  2. Miami



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