Best places to learn Spanish/Los Mejores Lugares Para Aprender Espanol

  1. Miami, Florida

2. Rio Grande Valley

3. Panama

Panama City

4. Argentina

5. Chile

6. Uruguay

7. Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica

Richest Spanish speaking places

  1. Monterry, Mexico  $32,000

San Pedro Garza Garcia

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico  $28,000

3. Spain  $26,000

4. Uruguay $16,638 (Richest fully independant Latin American Country) (Montevideo average salary is $24,000

5. Chile $13,663

6. Panama $13,654

20% of all Spanish speakers are Black

Spanish Media


Univision is the largest Spanish-language television network in the U.S. and the fifth largest network overall.

Telemundo is headquartered in the Miami suburb of Hialeah, Florida, and has 1,900 employees worldwide.[2][3] The majority of Telemundo’s programs are filmed at an operated studio facility in Miami, where 85% of the network’s telenovelas were filmed during 2011.[4] The average hourly primetime drama costs $70K to produce.

Best places for Black people to learn Spanish

  1. Equatorial Guinea

2. Cuba

3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico




Jobs you can get from being a Spanish speaker

Bilingual Education teacher $54,000 starting pay

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