Typical “Injustice of the Year” or Turning in Point in Police interactions with Black people

First of all Black Lives Matter is not an organization, it is a Movement and the Question of the Moment is If Society is serious about Fixing police brutality why are the following suspects not in jail.

Why are they not treated like the Police Officers in Marksville, Louisiana


” The National Media has been acting as the public relations arm of the police department”  Don’t you be deceived the only reason that that cop (Jeronimo Yanez) killed Philando Castille and didn’t shoot everyone in the car is because he couldn’t get an aim quick enough before she turned the camera on. But if you take a look at that video, he had the gun aimed at her. The gun was not aimed at Philando, he had the gun aimed at her the entire time. He wanted her to make a movement or do something to give him an excuse to kill her too, and then her phone would have mysteriously disappeared, of course, she was live streaming it, so their was nothing he could do. He didn’t know it was being live streamed on facebook. He was waiting for an opening or an opportunity to RUB OUT THAT WHOLE CAR INCLUDING THE CHILD IN THE BACK SEAT! AND I DARE ANYBODY TO PROVE THAT WRONG!He was going to slaughter the entire family. Right there.

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING MORE ABOUT SAYING MORE! WHERE’S THE DAMN ARREST! You notice everybody’s talking and talking and talking and jaw jacking. They’re not putting anybody in hand cuffs. Except the Black folks,they put her in hand cuffs, Diamond. They killed her fiancee, the father of her child, and put her in handcuffs, and held her captive and hostage, until the next morning, didn’t give her anything to eat or drink. We are trying to get you to say something. We are using illegal torture tactics, depriving you of food and water, to see if we can get you to be so disoriented that you say something that allows us to arrest you or defends this in some way. YOU HAVE NO GOOD COPS UP THERE! Yeah I said it, where were the good cops to say you cannot hold this woman, she’s done nothing wrong, where are they? When you allow one or two bad police to stay in the police department, they make the whole police department bad. Because everyone has to become a bad cop in order to defend the bad ones. You didn’t pull the trigger on Philando Castille, but you are aiding and abetting the ones who have so guess what? You’re all bad cops now. He’s just the bad cop who pulled the trigger. You’re the bad cops who defends the trigger man, and the law recognizes no distinction between the trigger man and his accomplices. So no, you don’t have any good cops in Minnesota. You don’t have any good jobs at that police department.

Because none of them are getting up and demanding that murderer be jailed. None of them worked to get that woman out of jail, and say we can’t hold her. They all came in lockstep. You all became bad cops that day. At that moment forward, you’re all bad cops. All of you. He walked in as the only bad cop, but the moment she left the whole police department became bad. There should have been police officers all over the place saying, I will not come back to the job, as long as THIS MURDEROUS ANIMAL WEARS THE SAME UNIFORM AS I DO! They should be united in that. I took an oath to defend the people and the Constitution, and so long as this murdering killing worthless thug is allowed to stand here. He is a disgrace and insult and attack on everything we do. So don’t tell me about the good cops today. The good cops are invisible today. The good cops are absent today. The good cops don’t have a damn things to say today. The good cops are not demanding the ouster of the bad ones today.

  1. Castille did not have a busted tail light.Also, the broken taillight reason was BS. Police scanner recordings revealed that the officer pulled them over because they might be suspects in a robbery because he saw a “wide nose.” They were straight up racially profiled
  2. Did not give first aid when he shot them.

# Alljobsmatter


Stupid arguments that no sensible person should listen to concerning this issue.


1. What about Black on Black Crime

  1. Police swore an oath to protect and serve 2. If you are justifying killing a person of a certain group simply because their members have killed each other than you can use that as an excuse to kill anybody.

2. More White people are killed by police. More Black people are killed disproportionately, and unfairly.

3. Blacks do more crime

4. All lives Matter, They never started saying “All Lives Matter” until people started saying “Black Lives Matter”

Two rebuttals to that.

  1. Blacks have a higher unemployment rate. Almost all of the Black on Black crime happens in ghettos, not in places like say Uniondale, New York which is a middle class Black Community.
  2. Also Blatant unfairness in the criminal justice. Whites do more, but Blacks are more punished for it.


The only way this country is going to receive “Racial healing” is if justice is served.


Along with the two men who died, is the notion of “respectability politics” which is the major thing that made people believe in America. The idea that you will be rewarded or protected by your behavior.


2014 – Trayvon Martin

2014 – Mike Brown

2014 – Eric Garner

2014 – Tamir Rice

2014 – Akai Gurly

2014 – Yvette Smith

2015- Rekia Boyd

2015- Freddie Gray

2015 – Jamar Clark

2015 – Eric Harris

2016 – Alton Sterling

2016 – Philando Castile

Examples of Whites receiving lenient Sentences

  1. Keith Swainson – Went on a violent rampage throwing boxes of golf clubs at neighbors houses, and shooting at police officers. The standoff lasted for 7 hours. Used gas to force him out.
  2. Brock Turner- Receives only 6 months for 2 counts of rape
  3. Spencer Jackson Byrd-Raped an underage girl received only 9 months in county jail. Not even prison



Whites are 60% of the U.S population, but make up 70% of arrests, but only 35% of convictions


  • Blacks are less than 13% of the U.S. population, and they make up only 14% of regular drug users, but they are 37% of those arrested for drug offenses, and 56% of those in state prisons for drug offenses.[9]
  • Black kids are 10 times more likely to be arrested for drug crimes than white kids [11]—even though white kids are more likely to abuse drugs[11].
  • Blacks aged 18-25 are less likely than whites to have used marijuana in the last 12 months[12]:
  • The U.S. prison population rose by 700% from 1970 to 2005, mostly as a result of the War on Drugs.[20]
  • The United States has 5% of the world’s population, but we house 25% of the world’s prisoners.[9]



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