Things that are bigger in Texas

  1. Cities

Texas is the Largest state in the Continental U.S and the Second largest State in population with 27.9 million people

Half of the 10 fastest growing cities in America are in Texas. Houston is the largest city in Texas with a Metro of almost 7 million. Dallas is close behind. Texas is also home to cities like San Antonio and Austin which all over 1 million as well.


2. Suburbs

In many Texas cities, you have suburbs the size of major U.S Cities

3. Airports

Dallas airport is the largest airport in America in size. It is has its own zipcode and larger than the New York island of Manhattan

4. Highways

Houston’s Katy Freeway is the world’s widest freeway

5. Houses

Texas houses average the largest size in America

6. Schools

Texas’ high school graduation rate went from 27th in the country in 2003, to 2nd in the country in 2013. Our most recent graduation rate for African-Americans is number one in the nation: 13 points higher than the national average.

7. Universities

8. Church and Faith

9. Cars

More people drive Pickup trucks and SUVs here than any other state.

10. Restaurants

Texas has more restaurants per capita than any other state

Steaks are bigger in Texas.

11. Health

The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world.

More heart surgeries are performed at the Texas Medical Center than anywhere else in the world with 13,600 heart surgeries annually. 180,000 annual surgeries are performed. The TMC performs one surgery every three minutes. Over 25,000 babies are delivered each year, more than one baby every 20 minutes. The Texas Medical Center offers over 9,200 total patient beds


12. Football

Or this life-size football team.

13. Stadiums

14. Music Festivals

Music festivals are bigger in Texas.

15. Oil

16. State Pride



17. People

Texas has more obese people than any other state

There are more obese adults in Texas than there are people in Minnesota. In Texas, 65.9% of adults are overweight and 31% of adults are obese. The estimated population of adults in Texas is 18,279,737. That means approximately 12,046,230 people are overweight and 5,666,663 people are obese in Texas. Ohio is the seventh most populated state with a population of 11,570,808. Minnesota is the 21st most populated state with a population of 5,420,380. Source: CDC Read more on Business Insider Photo: Robert E Daemmrich, Getty Images / (c) Robert E Daemmrich

18. Companies

Texas has America’s largest company Exxon Mobil

Other companies are headquartered here lite At and T, American Airlines, Conoco Phillips, Dell Computers, Frito Lay, Fuddruckers, Gold’s Gym, Greyhound, Halliburton, JC Penney, La Quinta, Luby’s, Neiman Marcus, Pizza Hut, Reliant Energy, Radio Shack, Rent A Center, Schlotsky’s, Southwest Airlines, Taco Bueno, Texas Instruments

19. Heat


20. Speed Limits

Texas has the fastest speed limit in the country


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