Worst countries in Africa

1. Liberia


  1. Poverty $436  $1.7 billion  85% Poverty Rate   85% Unemployment Rate
  2. No infrastructure
  3. History of intense civil war
  4. Literacy rate of 42%
  5. Always on the verge of civil war..corruption from top to bottom..roughly 70 percent of female population victims of sexual assault..cannibalism prevalent, etc
  6. The size of the entire country is $2 billion. Oprah Winfery has more money than the entire country put together.


2. Burundi

Burundi is so small and poor great place for a terrorist and plenty of diseases



3. Democratic Republic of the Congo

All of the gold mines are run by warlords, not the country. Children are forced to go to war over the mines. Rape, shootings, hijackings, mutilations, genocides, group rapes, gender mutilations, point blank shooting and more.

4. Somalia

Famine. Piracy. Hunger. War. Al-Shabaab. FGM.

5. South Sudan

civil war, poverty, and terrorists. Wraps up the country in 1 sentence.

6. Central African Republic

Bordering the C.A.R are the nations of Congo, Chad and Sudan also among the worst countries to live in. It is most likely the lack of safe drinking water and ongoing civil war which makes this country so difficult to live in. During the genocides in the Congo and in Sudan, many fled to the C.A.R to escape those conflicts but wound up in another conflict within the C.A.R. The country cannot sustain its own people nor the millions of refugees.As true in many African nations starvation and disease plagues this nation and makes it one of the worst countries to live in.

7. Sierra Leone


Poverty and war plagues this small African nation. The blood diamond crisis is most evident in this country as neither the government or the largest UN mandate ever could prevent the violence associated with blood diamonds. The country continues on a downward spiral and living here is not preferred by anyone. Perhaps the only solution to help this war torn nation is for the African Union to somehow establish controls on diamond exports in the country.

8 Swaziland –

9. Niger

10. Guinea Bissau –

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